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How to Take a Screenshot of the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

How to take a screenshot of the Touch bar on MacBook Pro

Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro 2016 shipping with an integrated touch bar instead of Functions Keys. The MacBook Pro with Touch bar gives wonder experience than ever before mean you can handle apps directly using Control strip appears on the touch bar for supported apps. Above the physical keyboard, the multi-touch Touch bar is located.

Pixelmator for Mac: How to Use Pixelmator with Touch bar Macbook Pro

use Pixelmator with Touch bar Macbook Pro

The Tech giant introduced brand new MacBook Pro with touch bar on 2016. The Touch bar is a completely new way to use and controls Apple Apps (Finder, Safari, Mail, Photos, Maps, Notes, calendars, and Facetime) and third-party apps like Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera and much more. You can now easily use Mac image editing