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Outbox Mail stuck and not deliver from Mail app: iPhone/ iPad

Outbox Mail stuck in iPhone, iPad

Outbox is great interface in Mail app works commonly between all mail accounts. In case you want sent mail from your iPhone/ iPad Mail app, unfortunately your mail sent from your device on request by you, not delivered successfully due to server error and it’s fail. Now failed message not available in Draft, Sent box.

Delete multiple mail on Mac From Gmail account: Advance Search

Delete multiple mail on Mac OS X

From Last many years of success in Google search Engine no one can make powerful search like google currently available worldwide. And Now introduced advance search in your Gmail account. Here I gave some basic and most powerful search query might be very useful to you on all time for Delete multiple mail on Mac. E-Mail is first

Change iPhone Mail Signature: Sent From My iPhone [iOS]

Customize signature in iPhone, iPad mail app

Signature in Mail make effective conversation for easy to identify when receiver seen your old mail in future, in fact, you have to set perfect signature like name, your Website, company name, Social profile and any other in place of default text like sent from my iPhone or sent from my iPad for iPhone and