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How to Appear Offline on Facebook Messenger 2020 iPhone

How to Appear Offline on Facebook Messenger on Apple iphone

Want to appear offline in Messenger? Don’t worry it’s super easy and the best way to avoid your friends and family in personal time. Learn how to appear offline in Messenger. In this world of cheaters, frauds and annoying people, it is better to enjoy social sites such as Facebook by appearing offline. However, some

How to share live location on messenger on iPhone, iPad

Share Location from Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad

Now Facebook users also share current location using FB Messenger chat app. Get very precious location where you stay at any corner of the globe. More functionality in this feature is discussing at here one by one. Live location share and tracking is the trading for all the users, that’s not available on other social

Block Facebook messenger call and Text on iPhone/ iPad

Unlock Messenger Chat on iPhone App

Are you distracting on facebook call or text come in Facebook messenger from your FB friends? Here is the quick and smart way to stop annoying activity officially using some blocking option available on messenger iOS app. Without any predefined alert, blocking notification you can block your friends on your time in just single tap.