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Apple was cleared that New app is added in its inbuilt apps in every Apple devices like Mac, MacBook, iPad, and iPod. so that you can easily access from any device. News, Home, Voice Memos, and Stocks are introduced in the macOS Mojave this fall. Let’s take a quick look on News app of macOS Mojave.

1 News App on Mac OS Mojace how to use and issues

Apple News on Mac in MacOS Mojave: We Must Know

News app Missing on Mac or Won’t install outside US, Camera or Australia.

We can delete News app just like pages and numbers app on Mac. And re-download from apps store. You are outside USA, check this link [Use News app Outside America].

How to open News App in macOS Mojave

It is very simple to open any file and application in Mac and MacBook. Only you have to do is press “Command+Space Bar” and when Spotlight search bar appears type News app and hit enter.

If you downloaded news app forcefully, you might not get using spotlight search. Go to “Finder” > “Applications” > “News” [icon with Red “N” symbol]

News App Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac: macOS Mojave

Live Open Storey in New App: Command + L

Dislike Story: Command + D

Save Story: Command + S

Clear History: Go to Top menu > File > Clear History (Clear History, Clear Recommendation, Clear All)

Close News App: Command + W

Make News Article Text Bigger: Command + + sight

Make News Text Size Small: Command + – Sign

News app on Full Screen: Control + Command + F

Categories in News App: Search News Channel & Follow

Find new News Channels and Topics using Smart search in News app. Scroll down left pane from top to bottom.

10 search new Channel and add in to favorite

The News app in macOS Mojave is divided into two parts, Following and Suggested by Siri. The Following section includes the Top Stories and Todays News. When you click on the Like button the Siri suggestion automatically put that topic in the “Following” section.


Moreover, when you dislike the topic, it will place that item into “Blocked Channels and Topics”, which is located on the bottom left of the News App in macOS Mojave.

Save Stories, Save Channels, Block Channel and Subscribe Channel

You can also save stories, follow the channel, Block Channel and Subscribe channel by simply clicking on “File menu” on the top of the window.

File Menu > save Story (Command + S), This option will save the story on News app.

7 Export Saved Stories and History on Mac

When you save stories and if you want to open it then scroll down the left menu, and on the bottom, You will see “Saved Stories”. In case if you forget to save story then just open the History, and from there you can get the recently opened stories.

Or Swipe left to remove the particular story from saved list. And “unsaved” it. Also, you can directly share or Love story in action.

5 Unasave saved stories on Mac's news app

Clear save Story: When you open the History, on the top right corner there is one more option available that is “Clear”. To clear all history click on “Clear” in the History.

6 Export Saved Stories and Find History on Mac

Personalize the Following Section: News App Sidebar

To personalize what you want to see and what do you want to have in the Following section, click on “Browse Channels and Topic” then from that page “click on the Heart symbol” and hit “Done”.

Although you can “edit that sidebar”,

9 Edit news app Sidebar on Mac

click on “Edit” and then you can Drag and Drop for rearrange the list or Add or Delete, manage until you are not satisfied by the sidebar.

8 Remove or Re-arrange Channel on News app on Mac

News App Sidebar missing: Read News on Full windows

News app has Customise sidebar, Click on “Show or Hide custom Sidebar” at top of news app bar.

Hide and Show Sidebar on News App on Mac

Search News Stories, Channels and Topics

To directly read the “Top Stories” about the particular channel, scroll upwards, and from the Search panel, you can reach to particular Channels or Topics or Stories.

3 Browse New Channel and Tpoics on MacOS Mojave

When the Channel comes after searching, to add on the Following section just click on the Hearth symbol.

4 add new news channel or Stories on Mac

Share Stories over different mediums

Meanwhile, you can also share stories via Mail, Messages, and AirDrop. Even if you want to add to Notes, Photos, Reading list, add people and Aperture are options available for you.

2 Share News story from Mac

NOTE: Whatever changes you made in the macOS Mojave it has no effect in your iOS app. For instance, if you have liked a channel or an article or saved some stories then you won’t find them in your iOS device.

Share your Experience with Dark mode and Normal mode on Mac with MacOS Mojave. Also Like and Share Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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How to Get Apple News App on macOS Mojave outside UK, USA, and Australia Sun, 10 Jun 2018 11:25:22 +0000 I still remember that moment when I read the news that Apple News app will be available in macOS Mojave. And when I tried to open and come to know that it is officially available in the UK, Australia, and the US only. So the truth is if you do not live in these countries then you are not eligible to use Apple News app, and it is very disappointing for Apple news enthusiastic.

Apple March event released Apple news Plus subscription service available on macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later. And now Apple news available in Canada also.

Luckily after so many trial and errors, I have got a way out to use Apple news app on my macOS Mojave outside of these mentioned countries. If you are looking for the same, then try this trick and get Apple news app on your amazing macOS Mojave despite restriction.

Does the “Change Region” trick still work to get the News Plus (Apple News+) app?

No, Why? Apple is Double checking to use this app. First, you have USA apple ID and You have Valid payment method set up on your Apple ID. apple doesn’t charge on Apple New Plus free trial subscription but it’s trying to verify you. So, Sorry there is not any tricks that help to use New+ outside US and Canada. till wait for official declare

Get Apple News App on macOS Mojave in Germany, France, India, and More

Step 1: Tap on “Apple icon”, located on the top.

Step 2: Tap on “System Preference”.

system preferences macos mojave

Step 3: There click on “Language & Region”.

change language and region macos mojave

Step 4: Click on the “Region” section of Americas and choose the “United States”.

select Americas choose united states to Get Apple News App on macOS Mojave

After this, your Mac will be a reboot (click on Restart now in a popup), and then you can open Apple News App from the Launchpad.

Important Note:

In case if you don’t find Apple News app on the Launchpad then tap on Finder and then click on Applications folder. From there drag and drop the Apple News app to the Launchpad.

Applications news app drag and drop in launchpad macos mojave

Now, it’s time to explore stories from the Apple News, but before exploring you should set up the app correctly and then enjoy peak stories and new on the go.


If you change the country, then you will no longer access the Apple News app. So keep in mind this procedure to access Apple News app on your macOS Mojave until it is released officially in your country.

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Apple News App not Working on iPhone and iPad – Here’s fixes Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:57:51 +0000 Apple news app is a really great digital tool to gain state, national, and international level news at a single place. In short, App gives fresh news at every refresh. Furthermore, it makes readers morning even fresher, also useful while you’re traveling, sitting in the backyard, anywhere around the country but you’re a lucky people to get the live update. All things about news app is your favorite but an issue is Apple News app not working on iPhone. We already experienced that while we searching news app in Siri suggestion search bar at time title was showing perfect, but while I try to tap on it didn’t get a response and I mean totally news app stuck on iOS 10/ iOS 12 Beta. So I followed below suggested troubleshooting to make live it.

[Compalte Guide: How to use News App on Mac: MacOS Mojave or Later- Problems & Fixes]

Updates [Apple News+]

Apple announced a big update for apple news readers that make you a premium experience. But how? Apple included a new apple news app subscriptions that people can activate anytime monthly basis.
Right now top 300 popular magazines are added and some another are in the ques that will be added in short of time. The also remarkable point is that this service is only available in US and Canada.

Apple said: “All Apple News users in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia can continue to enjoy the free news experience within the app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including access to Top Stories, Trending Stories and a personalized feed of articles.”

Pricing: for the US is $9.99 and for Canada is $12.99 a month.

Right now you can sign up for one month trial. After that plan automatically renew after a trial ends.

Requirements: iOS 12.2 and MacOS 10.14.4 (Released on 25th March)

Also, We can use this Apple News+ up to Six family members just like Apple Music. First Activate Family sharing (Add new member in Family sharing from iOS and Mac settings) and Enable Apple News+ for your family member as an admin.

Also, Apple New+ Will be available in the UK and Australi later this year.

How to use News+ on iPhone and Setup stuck
How to use News+ on iPhone and Setup stuck

Apple News+ Troubleshooting issues

  1. Force Close your App and Re-launch.
  2. Check your Geo location (Only in the US and Canada)
  3. iOS Version 12.2 or later and MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later
  4. Valid Payment or Payment method is required (Outside the US and Canada) user “NONE” payment method is not valid.
  5. To Use Apple New+, You must require Free trial. After canceling free trial. We can’t use. To beware, Add Reminder after 29 days or Before renewal date.
  6. Does the “Change Region” trick still work to get the News Plus (Apple News+) app? = No.
  7. Share your problem with news+ in the comment box.

Please note here given clues can help you in the cases of –

In iOS 10 or later, News App icon missing on the iPhone home screen.

Apple News App icon Stuck and unresponsive.

Apple Official News app does not appear in Siri Suggestion Search bar.

→  AR Content in News App in iOS 12

Into Apple march event, there is a special service released for News App called Apple News plus, for this users will have to sign up because it is a subscription-based service. After iOS 12.2 update, some changes in Apple News App won’t work from a couple of hours that I’ve reported in our email inbox. But don’t worry, guys if you noticing Apple news app issue then follow this article troubleshooting and hope will help you to fix your Apple News App problem running iOS 12.2 or later.

If you did not find an answer that you are looking for then you should downgrade your iOS version or will have to wait for the next update. Thanks for reading us! For more information email us on with the subject of iOS 12.2 Apple news App issue.

Fixes Apple News App not Working on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro

Clue 0: No News App, News App Missing on iPhone and iPad

News App is available in some countries only, You can get by change region of your account from your iPhone.

Go to the “Settings” > “General” > “Language & Region” > See Region “and Set to: United States“. Save by change to English (United States). Reboot or restart your iPhone. after that check your iPhone’s home screen.

1 Change Region for Get News app on iPhone in iOS (1)

Clue 1. Make sure News app Restrictions is turned off (white slider).

To check out it follow given steps.

Step 1. Launch Settings App on your iPhone home screen.

Update for iOS 12 and later: Settings App – Screen Time– Enter passcode if ask- Tap Content & privacy Restrictions – Turn toggle On Content & privacy Restrictions – Tap Allowed Apps – Find News App on the screen – Now turn toggle green next to the News App.

Step 2. Go to General.

Step 3. Tap on Restrictions. You will be prompted to enter your 4-digit Restriction passcode.

If you forget it, reset restriction passcode iOS with this post.

Step 4. Now scroll down the screen and make Turn News ON. You can see in the below-given picture.

That’s it.

Now try to open the news app on the iPhone home screen. if you’re a user – News app already enabled in restrictions. You should keep continuing for the next clue. Hope this would help you nice.

Clue 2. Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

To restart iOS devices – go with restart iPhone topic.

Tips: Restart iPhone without the home or Side button.

Clue 3. Reset Home Screen layout of your iPhone 

News app is installed but Disappeared on the home screen, Go to SettingsGeneral → scroll down the screen tap on Reset Reset Home screen Layout → you will be prompted (This will reset your entire home screen layout to factory defaults.) it may be affected on your folders. So if you agree, tap again Reset Home screen. you’re done.

Where is news app in iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 Beta or Later?

Apple new app is geographically limited access, So iPhone installed iOS 10 or later users can download and Install/ Update from USA/ UK/Australia and app store, Only.

Apple NEWS app countries where officially Available in USA, UK, Canada – Download in other countries change app store region or Use Apple ID created for USA.

Apple news widget missing

Local screen widget uses to reading your favorite news title at a glance. Apple News won’t load stories on lock screen (If locked), Otherwise, we can directly read selected full stories in the News app.

Unlock iPhone/ iPad, Go to Widget screen under notification centre > Scroll down to bottom > Tap on Edit

1 Add new Widget in Notification Center for News app

Find News under More Widget Section > Add News > Done. Now widget auto update from new stories.

2 Manage all notifications on iPhone notification center

Apple News App Not Updating

Check available storage from iPhone/ iPad Settings, General > About > Available. (Free up storage on iPhone, Check Network connectivity)

Or Get help from our tutorial on Unable to update iOS app.

Can’t Receive news App Notification – Breaking News

Enable notification for news app from iPhone/ iPad settings.

Go to the Settings > Scroll down and Find News > Notifications > Enable required settings.

Also, check notification styles when unlocked.

Apple News App Crash or Doesn’t Work

App crashing on iPhone is a common problem, we can fix it by update app, Remove/ Re-install from the app store, Restart or Reboot iPhone (Restart iPhone/ iPhone 7/ 7 Plus – Press Sleep/ Wake + Volume down button until you see apple logo)

iPhone 6S and Earlier: Use Sleep/Wake + Home button until you see the apple logo on the screen.

iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus: 

1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
2: Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
3: Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

To Start the iPhone, Again press Side button until startup apple logo on the screen.


A new feature in News App

Always Show “Next Up”: Easy to jump another title by a single tap on the Net up label on The News app screen.

Show Story Previews: This option helps in saving your data from the auto open full web page in the news app. Tap on News Title > See few paragraph & picture, The interested user can tap on “Read Full story” at beneath.

5 New Features in News app

Do you have any other problem relates news App which is not mentioned above? Please share in below comment box. We will try to give you a correct answer ASAP.

Their many news readers wanted to get back fresh news App on its iPhone/ iPad in favor of to delete unwanted or all favorites channels at once. Unfortunately Still, to Reset Apple news App option not available. We hope, the apple will add in its next upgrade.

Please don’t forget to share your feedback regarding which clue help you to fix your problem about Apple News app not working on iPhone.

Any other idea to share with us over iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X news app not working well.

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How to Save/ bookmark news story in Apple news app: iPhone Fri, 02 Oct 2015 13:52:38 +0000 For the News Lover, here is the great option and very useful features. Now you can read your favourite newsletters and channels daily and bookmark news story in Apple news App on your iPhone/ iPad. Here I am discussing on how to save your favourite article in list for later read or review again from any channel. Easy UI for find saves pages as bookmark will gives perfect understanding with title and brief enough discussion.

Also try new iPhone 6S gadgets: Best iPhone 6S case, iPhone 6S Battery power bank, iPhone 6S screen protector, 6S Bumper case, iPhone 6S leather case.

You can also manage it, like remove saved pages on bookmark section.  Learn how to do in step by step guide.

How to Bookmark news story in Apple news app: iOS 9 (iPhone/ iPad)

Step 1: Go to the News App from home screen on iPhone/ iPad

Step 2: Search your new channel with title or from suggestions (New Categories). In the result you will get latest news update with Title/ Photo. That you can read in full screen view by tap on it.

Step 3: if you like and Don’t want make copy for later read you can save or Bookmark easily, From the beneath tab of the screen, tap on copy icon.




Save or Bookmark news story in Apple news app in iPhone/ iPad

Now, You done Bookmark news story in Apple news app without any verification and limitations.

Remove Bookmarked Pages or Article in News App: iPhone, iPad

If you experience on Mail App for remove mail, same you can do it here by drag your finger on saved pages right to left. Or Tap on hold continuously on selected saved news, from the below popup choose delete option.Delete saved news in news app in iOS 9

Really stunning app feature (Without any subscription you can save/ Bookmark news story in Apple news app) for up to date news updates on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9. Millions of happy iOS users are connecting news app and feels best with easy to read. What’s your experience and that’s you aspect more from this news app share your comment in below.

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