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How to Save Battery While Playing Pokémon GO on iOS in 2020

Save iPhone battery life while you playing Pokémon Go

Ultra Popular Pokémon go is an augmented reality game, so that encourages players to use their iPhone’s GPS to catch virtual Pokémon locations in the real world. so inherently, it kills iPhone battery life while Pokémon fans playing reality game on Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There are lots of gamers out there; they

Pokémon go tips for iPhone users: Be Skilled Expert

Pokémon go tips for iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch tricks

GPS based augmented reality game for iOS users now boost up your entertainment like real experience. Right now Pokémon Go developer Niantic, release reality game for USA users only and will be available soon on other countries (UK and Canada) and international. Millions of users now enjoyed (and increasing) Pokémon go on iPhone/ iPad or