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iOS 14: Hey Siri Not Working on iPhone Xr, 11 Pro, Xs ,X,8,7,6S,SE 2020

Hey Siri not Working on iPhone 7 Plus after iOS 10 update

Apple’s Personal Assistance Siri is an excellent tool. Moreover, Using ‘’Hey Siri’’ command invoke Siri is cool. Command Hey Siri summons needed only microphone nothing else because of does works without pressing iPhone 7/7+ home button. She does the job for the limited functionality that you are asking her. A great feature to use for while you

Siri not working on Apple Watch: Easy solution

how to fix Siri not working on Apple Watch: Easy solution

Siri is a great feature to do something on iPhone and Apple iWatch. At started with iOS 9 iPhone Siri working good. However, it wake up with vibrate instead of sound. Sometimes you have also experienced problems likely Siri doesn’t work on iOS 9 or Siri not working in Apple Watch. Nevertheless, that may be

How to Fix Siri not working on iPhone 11 Pro Max

Get here why voice to Siri not working on iOS. Sometimes an unexpected issue happens with you when you’re using iPhone. One of them when you trying to ask something with your voice to Siri. But might Siri does not work properly. This situation bothers you because you’ve to do search compulsory by touch on