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None payment option not showing in Create New Apple ID

None payment option not showing in New Apple ID registration

In whole apple System, Apple ID is important for use all apple services. For that people must require Payment details but we can make new apple ID without payment details, means no credit card data. For that you should go with none payment option under payment details when you create a new apple ID in

Outbox Mail stuck and not deliver from Mail app: iPhone/ iPad

Outbox Mail stuck in iPhone, iPad

Outbox is great interface in Mail app works commonly between all mail accounts. In case you want sent mail from your iPhone/ iPad Mail app, unfortunately your mail sent from your device on request by you, not delivered successfully due to server error and it’s fail. Now failed message not available in Draft, Sent box.

iPhone Touch Screen Stop Working: iOS 11, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 6/6S, SE

iPhone touch screen stop working or not responding

Unexpectedly, you feel surprised about your iPhone is giving slow response time or iPhone touch screen stop working/ unresponsive. Here are the troubleshooting steps on release or unfreeze screen like never before. Mostly unbalanced or unmatched iOS version create problems related to hanging, Screen Freeze or unresponsive. From newly released iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone SE: iOS 11 or later [Fixed]

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone SE

No Wi-Fi or poor Wi-Fi connectivity on your new iPhone SE, We neither ignore this problem or use carrier cellular data plan. So what can we do in this situation, Official here we have right reasons behind Wi-Fi not working on iPhone SE, Let’s see and follow the ongoing instruction carefully. Mostly after iOS update/

Here are the reasons for third party iPhone apps crash: iPad

iPhone apps crash on iOS 9 and iOS 8

Are you suffering about installed apps keep crashing on iOS device? No one can point only single causes. Because you know there are so many possibilities on iPhone apps crash. But this is the right place to know how many possibilities might be affecting for your case? Most of the cases are common so you