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Setup, Add Touch ID Fingerprints on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7: iOS 10

Add Touch ID Finger printes on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10

Touch ID Widely use on different places for the security purpose. Touch ID is a unique concept developed by apple in last released devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Series) and People are like this feature instead of entering passcode or remember passcode on different iOS devices. To use this essential features on Unlock iPhone

Setup passcode iOS 10 on iPhone/ iPad Touch ID, Auto Lock Guide

Setup passcode iOS 10 on iPhone/ iPad

Password or Passcode in iOS 10 is very essential security features for all iOS device. That’s most of the people like and Enable when setup a new iPhone/ iPad. Not done setup, then here’s the guide on how to setup passcode iOS 10, Change old Passcode and Enable for different time internal for auto lock

[Fixed] Touch ID not working on iPhone SE: iOS 11 or later

Touch ID not working on iPhone SE with iOS update

Most of the Touch ID compatible iOS Device’s users left Touch ID use due to Touch ID not working on iPhone SE or Slow response time for unlocking screen or on App store. But if you know, Touch ID is apple’s essential security feature. And now Touch ID widely use on the iOS device for

How to disable/ Turn off passcode in iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Disable or Turn off passcode in iPhone running on iOS 9

Passcode is essential security, Each apple users must keep on device recommended by apple. more in protection you can also set erase all iDevice data after maximum try. But some users don’t want and ignore passcode on lock screen and app access. due to forgot passcode or easy access device, here is the perfect guide