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Why is Press Home to Unlock or Rest Finger to Open on my iPhone not working: here’s complete troubleshooting Guide

1 Lock screen not working on iPhone with Touch ID

Apple’s new Unlock Screen design and functionally inspire to use home button always for entering iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Touch ID or Passcode not enabled on iPhone then hard press on home button need to unlock the screen and otherwise rest finger to open (In doesn’t need to physically depress home button). Sometimes users

Fixed: Sync Messages With iCloud Not Working or Syncing to iCloud: iPhone

7 Fixed Sync Messages not Working or not Syncing on iPhone with iCloud

How to backup messages on iCloud? Now it’s possible. Are you failed to use this feature follow this blog post? Here I covered all primary solutions and troubleshooting steps on New Sync messages on iCloud on iPhone, Messages on iPad, iPod touch or Messages on Mac unable to complete successfully. Sometimes massive backup taking too much time longer wait for