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How to Update Apple Watch to Latest WatchOS: Apple Watch Latest Update

Start update and install apple watch OS in iPhone

Don’t Miss This, Becuase All-Time apple will release new WatchOS feature for the compatible device. So we should check it periodically and improve the watch performance after successfully update your Apple Watch or Latest WatchOS.  Former Apple user is confused who want to update apple watch, You must know That Apple watch will be updated

How to manage notification on Apple watch: Enable/ Disable

Clear notification on Apple watch

Manage notification on Apple watch with iPhone is very unique concept, So users can do all the Apple watch notification settings remotely, From the Apps running on your iPhone like Activity, Calendar, Mail, Maps, Messages, Passbook and Apple pay, Phone calls and more. here i also guide how to reply and discard message when you

How to take backup Apple watch Settings, Apps and data

How to tak Backup Apple watch on iPhone or Mac

Backup Apple watch must be required for re use your settings, installed apps and Data before reset apple watch or Unpair apple watch from iPhone, Setup with new iPhone. here also defined which types of data you can add in backup and restore it when you might be use in future for new setup. in

How to reset apple watch and setup on other iPhone

Reset Apple watch and Pair with other iPhone

Reset apple watch not to difficult for any owners but for your new apple watch pair with iPhone more compare to. Most of the case apple watch owner going for reset watch due to many reasons likes: give to other (Friends and Family member) for use, for sell, facing error and more. Here recommend necessary