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Record 4K video on iPhone 5/ 5S, 6/ 6S, 6 Plus/ 6S Plus

Record 4K video from iPhone 5 5S 6S 6 Camera

The different display has an own resolution, and the technology now automatically adjust video resolution for the better viewing experience. One of the best examples is YouTube, Uploader can upload up to 4K HD resolution video, But when we see on YouTube iPhone/ iPad apps, the video played in 720p or 360p automatically. And now

How to Play YouTube video in Loop Continuously on Mac, PC in 2020

1 Put video in loop for automatically paly and replay feature

in this article, I shares play multiple youtube videos in a loop. YouTube has own function that will make any video for play YouTube video in a loop continuously, don’t go manually and click on the relay icon shown in YouTube video player. YouTube channel has many learning, funny and reviews videos that we need

Transfer Video from Mac to iPhone/ iPad using iTunes, Airdrop, VLC

Transfer Video from Mac to iPhone using iTunes Airdrop or VLC or WALTR

Here I discussed mostly all possible ways to Transfer Video from Mac to iPhone, iPad running on any iOS versions. On some accidental conditions, we can try any of the below. Different methods required own prerequisite conditions like USB connection between PC or iPhone/ iPad, Same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Any of the parameters doesn’t work

How to Transfer Video from PC to iPhone, iPad in 2020

manage video between iPhone and Windows

Last Time we have seen how to move Mac Video to iPhone and iPad in another guide, and from this tutorial, we will see how to transfer Video from PC to iPhone/ iPad. Apple’s security Boundary in an iOS device no one can break, so it’s not possible to download Video file directly from the online