Take Backup in Time Machine before install OS X EI capitan

A Good habit in the case of update OS on any device is take full backup without take risk or haste about use new OS X. here I am talking about new Mac OS X EI capitan for your device (See Detailed OS X capitan Features and Supported device). In any case you skip steps for Take Backup in Time Machine, you might be lose data then you have to use any of data recovery tools for Mac. Time machine is official way to take backup your full system, Settings, Mail, Contacts, Photos/ Videos, Document and folder. One of the secure service given by Apple within your device. Learn how to start Time machine bakup on your device.

Compatible Devices: MacBook, iMac, MacMini, MacBook Retina, MacBook Air.

OS X Version: Mavericks, Yosemite or Upcoming also.

So you can take full backup in external drive, So you need one high capacity data storage external drive. I think 5TB best suited for this time and then you can use remaining space for any use.  You can order External Drive from here.

Step for Take Backup in Time Machine in Mac OS X Yosemite

Step 1: Go to the Apple Menu and click on System Preference.Apple Menu and System Preference Screen on Mac

Step 2: Next, Find Time Machine and Open it.Find Time Machine in System Preference

Step 3: Choose, Startup Backup Disk.Start to Take Backup in Time Machine on Mac OS X

Here showing Bootcamp, it’s hence that Dual OS running on single Mac (Yosemite and Windows). Otherwise you will see your OS X system name only.

If you choose Bootcamp, Will take full system backup means all the partition data.

Note: if you connected any third party drive for large backup, external drive also seen in list.

Step 4: Then, Click on Use disk.Choose Drive for Backup and Save

Step 5: Next, Enable Time machine backup toggle when you want start. Time machine always store latest data, in the case your drive might be full then Time Machine erase old data – Backup file automatically.Turn start Backup in External Drive

Enable Time Machine directly from top menu bar, Select Show Time machine in Menu bar like Wifi and Bluetooth icon.

Still have you confusion on the way for Take Backup in Time Machine or query on Time Machine backup stop automatically, and then share your problem with us on comment box.