Take Good Quality Photo in low-light using iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

Take natural quality photo using your iPhone at low light or dark area without flash. But some hidden features that we must know, mostly people are not using or forgot. Are you not photographer and not using iPhone/ iPad camera regularly then first try the below settings for capture precious photo quality officially, without flash light. Natural photograph will avoid all the problems like Red-eye, Blur quality, darker then original.

Are you Don’t happy with built in back flash light, then keep this type LED light with you. Image stabilization is more powerful on each new released iPhone from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Steps for capture best quality photo in low-light using iPhone/ iPad

1 lens arrangement in new iPhone models: Settings for quality photo

New iPhone 7 batter with low light photo, and New auto focus concept with Portrait mode (Enable Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus).

Exposure slider Effect

2x to 5x more brighter in dark or low light mode. First, Launch camera app on iPhone.

Double tap on Object that you want highlight in whole photo and focus it with batter vision. Means on specific area we can increase brightness/ Contrast without lost actual image and color effect.

1 use Exposure slider effect on iPhone and iPad camera app

That’s we are doing in our photo editing apps. But this is run time and before last click.

To reset or change location of Exposure box, double tap on new location in iPhone camera screen.

Increase brightness “Slide your finger up on screen” and to decrease it “Slide your finger down”.

2 Change image saturation and effect

Extra Features in iPhone 7 Plus for optical zoom is change lens glass from 28mm to 56mm. By default zoom options in video recording up to 2x that we can change to 10x from Settings App > Photo & Camera > Record Video. This setting prevents from extra flicker on more zoom. This will automatically change rays mechanism from one lens to another one.

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