The 7 Amazing Things You Need to know About Apple Watch

For those guys who have own Apple Watch 2, Apple Watch 1 or those customers who are planning to buy an Apple Watch. let’s refer these 7 amazing things you need to know about Apple Watch. How much you know about Apple Watch? We didn’t know that, but you can learn here Top 7 Amazing things you need to know about Apple Watch. Even you can get guidance about Apple watch complex questions Such as Can Apple watch be used without iPhone? Apple Watch can be measure blood pressure, can play music, can track fitness such kind of thinkings relates to Apple watch in people’s mind. Some of them want to know that can Apple watch make calls?

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You must have to know – The 7 Amazing things you need to know about Apple Watch

Apple Watch will become first wearable flagship device in the Apple’s history. Gorgeous iWatch features including in Apple Smartwatch. According to report Apple Watch can’t work without iPhone because after over-viewed it’s working with apps of iPhone. At least user can see time-date and use little features.

1. You can Stay Closer if you have worn Apple watch on your wristThe 7 Amazing things you need to know about Apple Watch

How it’s possible, let’s we know that – you can keep in touch with your inner circle. Just tap side button to your buddy and friends, where you’ll see a small thumbnail of the people you like to stay in touch more. You can make a call, tap to send a message that’s possible through Apple Watch. Through Apple Watch you can Play Music as well control another device as remotely.

2. Sketch something and share it instant of your friend

On Apple Watch Display – user can draw quickly with the finger and send option also available; your buddy on the other end can watch your drawing animate, then respond with a custom creation for you.

3. Silent and Gentle Tap features in Apple Watch

Friends and loved the one you’re thinking of them with soft, quiet tap patterns they will feel on the wrist. Seriously, this is the unique and unusual feature of Apple Watch than another Smartwatch. You can even customize taps for other people.

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4. How to Count Heartbeat on Apple Watch?

It’s very simple way – when you want to go through feature then just press two fingers on the Apple Watch Screen, the built-in heart rate sensor records and sends your heart beat. It’s intimate and superb way to tell someone how you feel.

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5. Start your Work on Apple Watch and continue on iPhone

Apple Watch designed with advanced technology app it gives you great and comfortable help. You can easily transfer a call, message, and email from Apple Watch to iPhone, where you can pick up right where you left off. This is a feature Such as a user can continue their work using Continuity app from iOS  10 to OS X Yosemite, EI Capitan, MacOS Sierra and Vice -Versa.

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6. How to Manage Mail on Apple Watch

You can handle received Mail on Apple watch; mean email comes right to your wrist, it’s more accessible and easy to operate. You can read an E-mail, mark as reading or unread it, flag it, and move to trash also, or open it on your iPhone, where you can type a response.

7. Receive Calls through your Wrist Apple Watch

You can use built-in Speaker and microphone for quick chats, or seamlessly transfer calls from Apple Watch to iPhone for longer conversions. in addition, easy to mute incoming calls just cover Apple Watch with your hand. You can Share your current Location on a map though Apple to share location on apple watch

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Apple Watch can’t allow the facility to measure blood pressure as well as sleep track yet. How to seem 7 Amazing things you need to know about Apple Watch. Keep in touch daily to know something new about the Apple Watch. You also find us on Facebook, Twitter.

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