Best Timestamp App for iPhone Photo Camera of 2023

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Best Timestamp app for iPhone photo camera with iOS. Have you ever question how to make a time stamp on iPhone Photo, if yeah, then it’s possible by downloading third-party apps from App Store. Make your Holiday Trip for a long time memorable and capture fantastic Photos, your selfie, and family members’ Photos with Time & Date Stamp at the different getaways. as well through GPS, perfect location also stamps with time, date Photo. Apps for iPhone and other iOS devices. Go beneath and look for the best Timestamp app for the iPhone Photo camera and Ideas to care about the stamp. Also use it for Personal Use and Professional, Business purposes. Something like Send a Diet food photo daily with a Date & Time Stamp, Your Work.

Here are a few suggestions for the best Timestamp Apps for iPhone and Android to download this fall. Check it out and rate our article if you find it helpful.

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Best Apps for Date Stamping Photos on iPhone

1. Timestamp Camera Basic – Time stamp app with location


Timestamp Camera Basic app is one of the most accurate time stamping apps out there. It can easily be classified as one of the iPhone’s best free time stamp apps. With Timestamp Camera Basic, you can add a timestamp to all the photos and videos you capture with your iPhone or iPad in real-time. In addition, you can display altitude, map, and speed on the photo and use all the effects and features while taking the picture in real-time. It has four modes and supports the highest quality resolution with your images. 

Moreover, with Timestamp Camera Basic, you can assign accurate time to your videos for up to a millisecond. This helps significantly if you want a timestamp app for yoga sessions to assign data or more analytical functions. This free timestamp app allows you to work with all its features and ads. If you want to remove ads, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

2. Timestamp Camera Date Stamp


Timestamp Camera date stamp is focused on capturing the iconic moments of life into a memory that you always look back on. It is the perfect timestamp app for dieting or working out, and you can even make it work as the timestamp app for yoga sessions -assign data or more. 

Using this free timestamp app for the iPhone is reasonably straightforward. This app can work as a photo editing app, and you can import photos from the gallery and position your Timestamp with your preference of style, font, and position. Additionally, you can also watermark your photos with a unique logo with the help of this app.

  • Select a photo
  • Choose the style of Timestamp that you want
  • Edit the color and font if you wish to
  • Save it and share!

3. Timestamp It Photo Stamper


Timestamp It Photo Stamper is simple to use. It is also the perfect timestamp app for food lovers, event managers, photographers, and anyone who loves to document things by order and remember those in a beautifully saved format. 

  • Take a picture or choose one or more from your photo albums.
  • Create your own stamp or utilize the pre-programmed stamp settings that you can change.
  • Finally, save and share your photo that has been stamped!
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Here’s a rundown of everything Timestamp It can do:

  1. Pick a date that is unique to you.
  2. Add date/timestamp
  3. Add a stamp to your photos
  4. Include a caption with your images
  5. Customize the color of your stamp
  6. Select a font for your stamp that is unique to you.
  7. Decide on a stamping place.
  8. Use numerous photographs to stamp
  9. Edit a single photo or all the photos you’ve chosen in bulk
  10. Save images with stamps to your camera roll
  11. Send several stamped photographs by text message, email, or social media.
  12. Remove any photographs you don’t want.
  13. Send photographs easily with the iMessage app

4. Timestamp Images


Like any other timestamp app, this one also lets you take a photo with a timestamp or add a timestamp to any image from the gallery. It supports configuring location, date, time, etc. alternatively, you can also select these details manually. It also supports font, color, and style edits for timestamps. Moreover, if you wish, you can also add watermarks to your photos over and above timestamps with the help of this app.

The most specific reason for choosing this timestamp app download is that it supports Siri shortcuts on your iPhone. For example, you can use Siri to take a photo or select one from the gallery with this app.

5. Timestamp Camera: Photo Stamps


Timestamp Camera: Photo stamps is an application that is automated to add location, GPS, location stamp, logo stamp, and signature stamp over and above Timestamp for any photo taken on the Timestamp camera.  

Apart from getting timestamps on your photos, this timestamp app frees up your time with automation. This app auto adds time stamps and preset text or stamps on the pictures. It can also add watermarks and secure your pictures. 

One of the most exciting features of this app is the logo stamp. You can easily edit or change the logo stamp to be added to the photos. This is especially handy for professional photographers or people who use this to document their work. It helps them keep a record and have a copyright claim over their work with evidence.

6. Auto Stamper: Stamps on Photos


Auto-stamper is probably one of the only free cameras that is easy to use and has a very interactive user interface. In addition, it is the only free app that uses the inbuilt camera of your iPhone or iPad to timestamp your photo while you are clicking the same.

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Over and above this, you can also get a palette of fonts and colors to choose from. Also, you can edit the position and transparency of the Timestamp to merge or make it pop against the background. It is the most straightforward timestamp camera app out there.

7. Time-Stamp Camera Pro- Get time and date on iPhone photos (For iOS)


Stamp location, Time, and Date on your iPhone, iPad Photo in different 20 formats. The app supports landscape & Portrait moreover photos & video will save will be saved to the iPhone camera roll.  The app has different types of 4 modes Video, Square, dance it supports recording Videos and photos.

8. DateStamper (For iOS)


The DateStamper app lets you add date stamps along with time if necessary, with a lot more customization features. With DateStamper you can add stamps to all or particular photos stored on your iPhone.

Users can change font style, font size, color or add effects on the date and time. Moreover, you can choose to use the current date, the date is taken, custom date or date created, whatever you would like along with it allows you to change the date and time format. This app won’t blow up your original photo even after multiple attempts to add Timestamp on iPhone

9. 1998 Cam – Vintage Camera (For iOS)


If you are looking for a multi-talented camera app for iPhone that consists of picture effects, editing capabilities, date-time stamps, and much more, Vintage Camera won’t disappoint you. You can use its realistic 3D effects, popular filters like a random light leak, film dust, and grainy filters, switch to different filters after taking shots, import videos and pictures from the Photos app to this app, and more. The notable part about this app is to buy its one-time premium subscription and enjoy filters without ads and any other disturbance.

10. Timestamp Camera Free (For Android)


Timestamp Camera app is the ultimate way to add timestamps on pictures on your Android smartphones on the go. With hundreds of customizations available, the Timestamp Camera app is one of the best app available in Google Play. You can easily add location, current time, on Videos and Photos in any manner. Around 61 timestamps formats are available to use and seven positions to place the timestamp anywhere on the picture or video. In addition, you can click pictures while video recording is on, and store them in the SD card directly only by enabling that option from the app.

11. Auto Time Stamp Camera for Remote Staff (For Android)


Auto Time Stamp Camera allows you to add date and time in your own choice, you can choose from different formats, font styles, font sizes, font colors, and many other customizations. The app is loaded with numerous features, one of them is you can add custom text near to the time stamp just to make the day memorable in your own words.

Watermark your Live Time and location on your Photo from anywhere with accurate Geotag service. Perfect use for remote workers like Sales, Home service, Construction, and Security. People also use it for attendance because it’s integrated with the cloud.

12. SurveyCam: GPS camera for work


Keep your eye on all Civil remote sites. with Accurate details and share with your client your company logo, Project name, and other verified information.

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The Timestamp app is a good app, using this app you can make your android Photo longtime memorable due to the date & time stamp Editing feature available in the app so you can also edit the date & time. Beneficial of Timestamp Photo you can know how old you were the photo was taken. The app is developed by Michael Kostner. The android app is compatible with android version 5.0 and Up.

TimeStamp ideas for Photos

Apart from the best apps to help you get the best timestamp app for the iPhone, we also have a recommendation list for you to have an idea for timestamping your photos.

Looking back in the day, clicking pictures was a sci-fi scenario, but these days, a significant part of our day goes by either clicking those pictures or staring at them on our phones. Every day, we go through many photos and have at least a thousand of them lying around just saved in our drives. 

Sometimes when we look back at those photos, we don’t remember the time they were clicked, no matter how hard we try. Even though cloud applications like google photos have the date and day saved for us but they might get jumbled up based on the time they were shared and kept in the drive instead of the day they were taken. 

Especially if you are one of those who change their devices often or have to transfer data frequently, you might have the date and time records that are not necessarily accurate with the time when you clicked the photo. Instead, it might show the time when it is transferred. For instance, it might be showing 2017 for a photo taken in 2016. This is a significant reason for people adding timestamps to their images. 

Moreover, these days time stamps are used for more than one purpose. Not just for remembering when they created a memory, nowadays, people use timestamps to update on social media featuring their status on that given time, to keep a record of chronological events, to keep a record of their work, and so on.

  • If you capture natural scenery, you can add a clock with temperature and altitude.
  • If you are posing for a photo, show your hand and make a watch on it. Paste the Timestamp like a watch on the image to make it aesthetically attractive.
  • You can add it on the side of the photo with a reel strip on either side to make it look like an old roll of negatives. This is especially helpful in the case of black & white photos.
  • You can add it on the bottom corner to make it look like old video recorder footage, in the case of videos.

Instead of Simple mode photo capture it with different style likewise, burst Mode Photography, 360 angle photo Panorama Photo on iPhone devices.

Which apps would you like most to give us your replay in the bellow comment box? Even you can also write if you have a better timestamp app than given above Timestamp photo app for iPhone !!

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