How to Cancel an App Store Subscription on iPhone 12Pro Max Mini, XR, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS[2023]

How to Cancel Subscription on iPhone XS Max XR

A trick to Cancel Subscription on iPhone. Before that, we need to see a little story about the App Store. There are some applications in the App Store that provides premium services if you purchase the subscription for that app. Like if you have a music app on your iPhone and without any subscription, the services will be limited, and in some cases, you have to face annoying ads in between. So to remove those ads and get advanced features you have to pay a few bucks to get a subscription.

Ultimately these subscriptions have their own norms of renewal. However, if you don’t want to have a further subscription of the particular app, then you can cancel it before allotted time otherwise they will get renewed automatically.

These are the subscriptions that renew itself,

  • Apple Music Subscriptions
  • In-app purchase subscriptions in apps like Spotify, Netflix, Hul, tidal, Pandora, match, etc.
  • Apple News, Magazines subscription and newspaper subscriptions.

Kindly note that some of the subscriptions might give you a free trial or discounted trial and due to some reason or you forget to cancel the subscription will be renewed before 24hours of the renewal date. This is how it works. So if you don’t want a further subscription, you must have to cancel it before 24 hours of the renewal date.

Here’s how you can Cancel Subscription on your iPhone

How to Cancel Subscription on iPhone XS Max XR

On your iPhone,

  • Step #1: Launch the “Settings” App.
  • Step #2: Tap on your name [Apple ID profile].

  • iOS 13 later users- tap Subscriptions –
  • On the screen, You can see Apps that you have subscribed
  • – choose an app to Cancel Subscription.

follow the steps if you have installed iOS 12 or Earlier,

  • Step #3: Select the “iTunes & App Store”.
  • Step #4: Tap on your “Apple ID”.
  • Step #5: Next, select “View Apple ID”.
  • Step #6: Enter the Passcode to authenticate.
  • Step #7: Tap “Subscriptions”.
  • Step #8: There you will see of all active subscriptions, select one to manage.

NOTE: In case you don’t find the subscription that you are being charged then, in this case, it might be possible that the subscription is billing by other companies, not Apple.

  • Step #9: After you tap on “Subscriptions”, scroll to the bottom and tap on “Cancel Subscription”.

Once you tap Cancel Subscription the current billing cycle for that particular subscription will be stopped and this is how you can cancel the subscription on iPhone.

That’s it!

Furthermore, you can also turn Subscription Off without your iPhone. I think you don’t know this way, but you can do using iTunes on Mac, Windows, Apple TV, etc.

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