Tips to Share Tweet to Fleets on Twitter iPhone, iPad, Android: Fleets the Tweet

Last Updated on Nov 26, 2020

Recently Twitter rolled out a major update that features Fleets all over the world. Fleets is an amazing way to share your opinions with your followers or publically, Photos and Videos, that you wish to share with others but don’t want to litter the profile by keeping them forever. It takes few moments to upload your Tweets to the Fleets, with dozens of customization options such as adding a message, and ALT description. These Fleets automatically disappear after 24 hours, but when you Tweet the Fleet, it stays on your profile until it is manually deleted.

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Besides, creating new Fleets gives you more options and flexibility, instead of sharing the old Tweets to Fleets, its way easy to create new Fleets. Whatever suits you! The steps stay the same for iPhone, Andriod, iPad, and other Tablets. Notably, the Fleets feature is only available for the Twitter App.

How to Share Tweet in a Fleet on Any Device

  1. Open the Twitter App.
  2. Find the Tweet to share as Fleet on Twitter.
  3. Tap on the Share button beneath the Tweet.

    Share Sweet on Fleets on Twitter app

    Share Sweet on Fleets on Twitter app

  4. Select Share in a Fleet.
  5. Now tap anywhere to Add Text. Or ignore and tap Done.

    Post fleets on Twitter app

    Post fleets on Twitter app

  6. Use Bold and Align Tool to edit text.
  7. And to change the color of the text, tap on the circle.
  8. Hit Done.
  9. Now rearrange the added text, if needed.
  10. If you wish to add Alt Text, tap on the ALT button in the bottom-right corner.
  11. Once you’re done with all these, tap on Fleet, at the upper-right corner.

Can I Keep Fleets to My Twitter Profile Permanently?

The concept of a Fleet is as same as we post stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, it will disappear after 24 hours of posting a Fleet on Twitter. While many users are questioning about storing the Fleets on their Twitter handle permanently. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible, but there’s a way around, if you Tweet the Fleet, then that Fleet will stay on your profile like other Tweets.

  1. Open the Twitter App.
  2. Tap on the Fleet that you’ve shared.

    Post Fleets in Tweet on iPhone

    Post Fleets in Tweet on iPhone

  3. Tap on the down-arrow next to the Twitter name.
  4. Select Tweet this.

    Fleets the Tweet on iPhone

    Fleets the Tweet on iPhone

  5. That’s it.

Now, it’s easy to Share Any Twitter tweet on Fleets and Post Fleets on your Twitter profile as a tweet. Thanks for visiting and Welcome back with new social tips and tricks for your iPhone, iPad, and Android app.

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