Top best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone, iPad: iOS 8

Get from here high demand and Top best GIF maker apps for iPhone and iPad. UI of the apps are very superb. You can easily transfer or sharing your animated image/picture from your iPhone or iPad to others. These apps are also used in admired web sites such as Reedit, Tumbler and in vary kind’s blogs. There are many GIF maker apps for iPhone and iPad but here we are going to share top selected apps to make GIF Image handy and fast. Almost apps are well compatible with iOS 8. If you’ve iPhone 6 then you’re on right way to choose any one app. let’s go beneath and check collection of Top best GIF image Maker Apps for iPhone, iPad

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Advisable list of Top best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone – iOS 8 

1. Cinemagram

Look of the app is simple so you’ll easily make animation picture/images. After making image you can share it anywhere via an E-mail or a video. You can capture short video and share anywhere. Ultimately share image which is making by you through this app in your social community Such as, twitter, tumbler and Pinterest etc.

Cinemagram makes animated picture in iOS 8- GIF Maker Apps for iPhone
Best GIF maker app for iOS 8

Download Free: Cinemagram

2. GifBoom

This app is use to construct amazing videos, pretty images which you can instantly share with your friends. App has some new features such as infinite data upload secure your important data and video filter as well Strong privacy control is the prime element of the app.

Gifboom strong privacy control
Gifboom: unlimited GIF data upload.

Download Free: GifBoom

3. Giffer

Giffer is the best app to create animated image.  GIF maker app for iPhone to make different kinds of animation picture such as time lapse, reverse GIF and cinema graphs. You can share easily animated GIF to different sites. Key feature of the app like a frame duplication, 25 filters, self timer and import any GIF from the web.

GIF maker app for iPhone for customization
giffer2 Best GIF Maker app

Download ($2.99): Giffer

4. Echograph

Echograph is unique app for snap your vimeo video by login through this app. Echograph allows to make GIF image from Keynote, iBooks pages, and your web browser pages. This app is made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch also.

Echograph: Snap vimeo video and make GIF
GIF maker app for iPhone

Download Free: Echograph

5. 5Second

Using this app you can sync different GIF image in to one image frame. Using 5Second app you can add text, recollect the frames and Customize speed. Save it in individual GIF frames. Advance sharing and cloud support as common features are available.

5Second: Best GIF maker app for iPhone
Best GIF maker app: 5Second

Download Free: 5Second

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