Top External Battery power for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Now a day most of the external battery sizes tend to your Wallet size. So in this case might be you are not getting perfect fit means high power storage capable to serve your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Android device (Mobile and tablets). If you like design and configuration then you never miss to order items as soon as possible, Because from this vendor has high volume of buyers from USA local and internationally in very big deals that’s you never seen  external Battery power for iPhone elsewhere.

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2015 Deals: External Battery Power for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Go Design Group: Charge your iOS and Android device

External Battery power for iPhone, iPad and iPodSmallest in size and very high capacity to charge your iOS and android device, No hassle of keep it in extra cover or pocket. You can also keep inside the wallet. Know the basic features and price.


Ultra slim (thickness 3/16 inch)

Easy to place inside wallet

Hard body coated with aluminum (Fully protected)

Comes with Apple’s lighting cable: That’s compatible with iPhone 5/ 5C/ 5S and iPhone 6, 6 plus

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External Battery by TOCC electronics: For iPhone, iPad

TOCC External Battery rechargeable for MobileAlways keep large power source in your pocket by rechargeable external battery case, With This device you can charge two devices at the same time instantly.

Features: Storage Capacity, 18 000 mAh

Vary light weight and Compact

Comes with two lighting cable

Shiny aluminum body, Free shipping available in USA and internationally.

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BOLT: External and Wall Charger combo

BOLT's Wall + External Battery ChargerKeep your device full by using this charger, you can use it as a wall charger and External charger as well.

Features: 3000 mAh power capacity

Charging indicator to know the power level

Easy to charge when you plugged as a wall charger

Anywhere use it when you need external power source

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12 000mAh battery power bank by U-Stone

high power storage battery chragerEasy to charge your Tablets and Smartphone, Make you any chargeable device ready to use all time, Just plug with external battery. Unique designed made this product very useful.

Features: Up to 12000mAh power capacity

Safe from overcharge condition

Never discharge when not in use

Packed with micro USB cable

Order now ($34.99) for USA

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ZeroLemon External Solar Battery

Compatible for Multiple device chargeZeroLemon charge your External battery from solar rays, efficiently charge in any lighting condition, very unique technology compare to other External Battery power for iPhone, iPad available in Market.

Features: 20 000mAh Solar battery charger

4 LED indicators to know battery level

Speedily charge and use it for iOS and Android device

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For iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and Your Mac Book

For MacBook external Battery ChargerNot only charge your iPhone, iPad but now you can charger your MacBook device through External power charger. With this charger you can charger 2 Devices simultaneously contains capacity 12000mAh and 18 000mAh. And for your iPhone 6, 6 Plus Battery case is the best choice for most of the users. So fit your iPhone body inside it and charger it when you need. Order Now iPhone 6 ($40 – 33% off) and Buy for iPhone 6 plus ($44).

iPhone 6 and 6 plus external Battery case in dealsHow you feel, on such plentiful options that’s easily fit your budget for buy best External Battery power for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MacBook pro, retina and Android device also.