Touch id Setup in iPhone 6/ 5 and iPad: iOS 8, iOS 7 [How to]

Touch id setup in iPhone and iPad must require when you want higher security from unknown. Apple has been given awesome figure print scanning service to open your iOS device or unlock your iPhone and iPad. Are you inspecting in all the older device, So first you have to validate your device included in list of supported Touch id devices: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and latest.

From the apple survey about iPhone security, More than 50% of people don’t use Passcode. In place of Passcode you must have to use Touch ID as your security. Apple included wide range of security and protection given here, after successful tests that will never show in other smart phone.

Facing: How to solve No service and Touch ID on iOS 8.0.1 – iPhone.

So follow the below steps: How to do touch id setup in iPhone, iPad: iOS 8/ iOS 7

Pre requisite: Your Home button must be dry and clean, without covered any Material. In entire the setup process you don’t have to press down hold button, just put your figure on home button to access or scan as a touch id.

Step 1

Go to the Setting App, and launch it.

Step 2

Go to the General option.

Next, Tap on Touch ID & Passcode. (Installed iOS 7.1/ iOS 8 or later)

Tap on Figure prints > Add a fingerprint.

Step 3

Place you figure on home button (Don’t press it), to scan your finger. Your device vibrate slightly when scan complete. Then lift up your figure.Adjust your Touch id finger on home button to scan and save

If you want more finger scan, then repeat above step again.

To rename your scanned figure, Tap on Edit option. And select from added name list which you want.

Also enable, Passcode lock and iTunes & App Store, Apple pay for new purchase from iTunes and Access home screen.Set Apple Touch ID setup in iPhone for Apple Pay, iTunes, in iPhone, iPad

Unluckily, you’re facing Touch id setup failed, Due to some valid reason given in the tutorial.

Have you update recently with new iOS, Then old setting related to older Touch ID setup has gone.

Home button Touch scan hardware is not working

Are you trying with other figure, So please keep scan touch ID figure more than one and up to five(Touch ID figure print limit).

Your device should not compatible with Touch id; So You can’t show touch ID setting under the setting.

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Hopefully you have done, Touch id setup in iPhone and iPad. Having you aspect more related to touch id setup in iPhone 6, 5S, 5 and iPad, than comment in blow.

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