Trackpad VS Touchpad, Which is Better? (2024)

Apple started to release MacBook with Touchpad in 1994. This Touchpad is useful for cursor or pointer control. It comes built-in with Laptop below the MacBook keyboard. After sixteen years, Apple released a new External Magic Trackpad in 2010. It is a wireless, long-lasting pointing device 80% larger than MacBook Trackpad.

This Magic Trackpad is an external device accessory for Mac desktops or pcs. It provides excellent touch gestures, haptic features, and long battery life. In addition, it supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your Mac devices. Many users find it incredible when they work on their Laptop.

Difference Between Trackpad VS Touchpad

Trackpad is also known as a glide point; it is pressure sensitive tablet. In comparison, the Touchpad is a laptop trackpad. Both are input devices. So, we must compare its features and specifications to find the best product. Check the comparison table of the Magic Trackpad & Touchpad below.


SpecsMagic TrackpadTouchpad
First Introduced in (Year)2010 1994
TypeExternal trackpad,
Bluetooth-only wireless trackpad
MacBook’s Built-in Trackpad
InputMulti-touch, Force Touch & Taptic EngineMulti-touch
SensorForce SensorsTactile Sensor
ConnectivityBluetooth 3.0 & Lightning connector
Power2024mAh Li-Po Battery (Rechargeable)
Substitute forMouse & other pointing devicesMouse
Found OnAvailable as accessoriesPersonal Digital Assistants, &
Some Portable Media Players.
UseDrag & Rotate Objects,
Two-Finger scroll,
Pinch to Zoom,
Swipe to navigate,
Swipe between Apps,
Open Launchpad.
Scroll wheel,
Controlling the scrollbar,
Scrolling the window,
Two-finger dragging.
Trackpad vs Touchpad


Apple Magic Trackpad is a rectangular trackpad with rounded corners, and the MacBook Touchpad is a small, flat surface that sits on the keyboard of a laptop or tablet. In addition, trackpads are big than touchpads. There are two force-click buttons below Trackpad for left and right mouse clicks. Here are all Trackpad settings on Mac while you connect with Mac.

Touchpad’s position is fixed compared to the Trackpad because Trackpad is portable & you can change its placement anytime.


Magic Trackpad is easier to use. There are great touch gestures to scroll the cursor around the screen. To use a trackpad, move one or more fingers across the surface of your Trackpad to click, tap, slide, zoom, or swipe items. On the other hand, Touchpad is similar to Trackpad. Sliding fingers make it easy to move the cursor on a flat surface.

Unlike a trackpad, Touchpad can detect differences between fingers and other objects. As a result, touchpads are more convenient to use for web browsing. So, many users prefer using the Touchpad on their laptop devices.


As per the usage studies, working with Touchpad can cause fatigue and discomfort. When you use a touchpad for a long time, significant pain increases in your shoulder, neck, hand, etc. In comparison, the Trackpads are more ergonomic for tasks that require precision, such as drawing and graphic design.

Additionally, the Trackpad helps to reduce the risk of injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Finally, Trackpad works well with Personal Computers or Desktops. For example, you can use a laptop touchpad to control the mouse pointer.


Trackpad allows for better gestures & supports haptic feedback, which means it doesn’t support click action like a mouse. Instead, it senses the pressure as you push down your finger on it and uses haptic feedback to give the sensation of clicking. Conversely, Touchpad supports capacitive sensing to operate in different ways.


Apple’s Magic Trackpad offers touch gestures with a large surface area, while Touchpad is small compared to Trackpad. The important thing about both products is that wires and adapters do not need to connect. One of the advantages of the Magic Trackpad is its portability. In addition, both Trackpad provides soft finger movements and allows the wrist to rest.

Magic TrackpadTouchpad
-Gesture support
-Haptic Touch
-Haptic Feedback
-Use while charging
-Longer battery life
-Easy to use
-No need installation
-Not Ergonomic
Pros of Magic Trackpad & Touchpad


Touchpad’s position is fixed compared to the Trackpad. Touchpad becomes moist & sweaty due to continuous use. Trackpad has a more attractive and minimalist design compared to Touchpad. There is also a larger surface area than MacBook’s Touchpad.

Magic TrackpadTouchpad
-Price worthy
-Small Size
-Moist & sweaty
Cons of Magic Trackpad & Touchpad


Buy Apple’s external Magic Trackpad only at $149.00, or the Touchpad costs nothing because it is built-in into the MacBook.

Buy Now-Apple Magic Trackpad

If you like Trackpad, then we can pair it with any Mac as an external controller. Here are three ways to Connect Magic Trackpad With Mac.

In summary, I Hope you analyze and read the comparison between Trackpad and Touchpad. And found the better-fit Trackpad for your requirements.

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