Turn off auto rotate iPhone screen in iOS 8: iPhone and iPad

Auto rotate your iPhone, iPad screen when your deice in landscape situation is normal case should be enable in all device by default. But some of the time or on situation you have to made chance as a result your screen cant rotate when your device rotate left or right direction. Here is the basic tip for those iOS device running on iOS 8. In new iOS 8 update you can manage this directly from your control centre. You don’t have to go inside the setting for enable/ disable or Turn off auto rotate iPhone screen manually.

Landscape or portrait mode is useful whenever you are typing message and mail from your device. But you don’t need when you are using in presentation and walking or in a sleeping condition, because, normal portrait or landscape direction can change your screen’s views and orientation.

But in iOS can manage or access fully control center from lock screen, home screen or on launched apps. In all the case you have to swipe, bottom to top. So under the control center you can see the rotation lock in first row of control center.

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You have to do: For Turn off auto rotate iPhone screen or other – iPad, iPod touch

At First, Enable/ turn on control center from lock screen, home screen or any other app.

From the control center you have to enable/ disable rotation lock icon by tap on it.

Compatible devices: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/ 5S/ 5C and iPhone 4S that’s running on iOS 8

Step to enable control center on lock screen

Go to the Setting > Control center > Enable Access on Lock screen for see access control from locked iPhone, iPad screen. For more in details about Access control.

To access from opened or within app Go to the Setting > Control center > Enable access within Apps.Get control center on lock or home screen in iOS 8

Enable/ Turn on or turn off auto rotate iPhone screen

Now you can freely open access control from lock, unlock screen (home screen), within apps.

So to Disable/ Turn ff Auto rotate screen (portrait or landscape) from Access control,

Step 1: Swap up from bottom to top on your locked, home or app screen.

Step 2: You can see access control, from the top row tap on last lock icon to turn on.Disable/ Turn off auto rotate iPhone screen by tap on it

To Enable/ Turn on auto rotate iPhone screen, iPad running on iOS 8, Tap on locked icon again.

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