Turn Off Dark mode on Word, Excel, Powerpoint on Mac All Time

Last Updated on Mar 16, 2023

Are you looking for “why is my word document black on mac”? or “word document black with white text”. Not a fan of Dark Mode? Or at least don’t want to use Dark Mode on Microsoft Apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Of course, Dark Mode is praised by almost all the people who spend most of the time on Mac, iPhone, etc., it saves battery and prevents eye strain. I’m pretty confident you don’t like dark mode, too, since you’re here reading the tutorial. Don’t worry; it takes few seconds to disable dark mode on Word or any Microsoft Office apps, including Excel, PowerPoint, etc., or Re-Enable Dark mode on office Documents if it’s not working correctly. when you correctly follow the procedure.

Compare to Windows PC, macOS have a slightly different way and concept of dealing with Dark Mode on Microsoft Office Apps. Earlier, there was no dark mode support in macOS until Apple released macOS Mojave, and during the same time of interval, Microsoft also released Dark Mode compatibility for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. apps.

How to Disable Dark Mode on Word in Mac

If you want to turn off dark mode only for Microsoft Word in Mac, then these are the steps you should follow. By following this, you’ll be able to disable Dark Mode for Word in Mac, but not the other Microsoft Apps.

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This solution is also helpful on Dark mode not working on Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents on Mac or how to change word to light mode on mac. Just turn on Given Dark mode settings, and Dark mode will disable permenently and when you Re-Enable System Wide Dark mode on Mac.

1→ Open the Microsoft Word App on your Mac.

2→ Click on the Word in the top menu bar.

3→ Click Preferences.


4→ Select General.general-option-under-word-preferences-settings

5→ Under Personalizecheck the box of Turn off Dark Mode.


6→ That’s it. your Word appearance will look like normal even if Dark mode is turned on your Mac.


Microsoft Word Black Background White Text Mac

If you want your MS Word document has, Dark Page Backgroud in Dark mode then Select the Below option, “Dark Mode has a dark page color“.


Microsoft Word Dark Mode White Page

If you want to keep your MS Word Document page in White color in Dark mode of MS word. then keep Selected, “Dark Mode has a white page color“.


How to Disable Dark Mode for All Office Apps in Mac

The latest macOS version features built-in Dark Mode. When you use Dark Mode for Mac, the system automatically enabled Dark Mode for the compatible apps, including Microsoft Word, for Microsoft 365 or 2019. Not to worry, you can disable the dark mode across all the Microsoft Office using the same step given before in one go by disabling the Dark Mode on the Mac.

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On MacOS Ventura

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top Menu > System Settings.
  2. Click on Appearance > Choose System-Wide dark mode settings [Light, Dark and Auto], and That applies to all installed Software like Microsoft Document. if it’s selected with System Dark mode settings.enable-dark-mode-on-macos-ventura
  3. That’s it.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

  1. Click on Apple Logo from the top menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Select General.
  4. If the Dark mode is set for Appearance, select Light or Auto, depending on your requirements.enable-dark-mode-from-mac-system-preferences-settings
  5. This will turn off dark mode for Microsoft Office Apps along with all the apps compatible with the Dark Mode.
  6. If you work during night hours too, then set it to Auto, as during Night-Time, the macOS will automatically enable Dark Mode for the compatible apps, including Microsoft Word. Though, you’ll find this option only in macOS Catalina or newer.

Or Turn on or Turn off System Wide Dark mode From Mac’s Control centre

  1. Click on the Control center icon from the top Mac menudisplay-settings-in-mac-control-center
  2. Click on Display Section > Click on Dark mode.turn-on-dark-mode-on-mac-from-control-center
  3. The dark mode is enabled.dark-mode-is-enabled-on-mac

That’s it. but if the Dark mode is disabled for particular Microsoft Documents’s Preference settings, then Dark mode will be turned on all the time.

How to Disable Dark Mode on Word in Windows PC or laptop

How to Turn off Dark Mode in the Office document, Follow my bottom steps to disable dark theme in word Canvas,

1→ Open Word App [Office Document] on Windows PC or Laptop.

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2→ Click on the File option from the top Menu bar.

click file option to turn off dark mode on word menu bar

3→ Now Click on Account.

click on account option to get dark mode settings in office word

4→ on this page, under that Office Theme section, click on the dropdown arrow and choose Use System Settings.

choose use system setting to turn off dark mode on word office

With this option, when your entire system runs in dark mode, that time your word switches to dark mode, when your system runs on light theme, the same time word canvas converts into the white theme. in short, this is a hassle-free setting for you. To learn more about windows office dark mode, click here to get extra information.

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