Turn off Group Text Message on iPhone, iPad – iOS 8 [How to]

disable Group messaging on iPod Touch how to

Turn off Group Text Message on iPhone. Group Messaging is a fantastic feature of Apple iOS devices. It’s right supports with iOS 8 and later iDevice. Nothing if you know but for those users who have not basic understanding respect to Group messages. The user can comfortably send a message to two or more people at a time using SMS, MMS or iMessage. It does not end here but has any responses delivered to everyone in the group. The brand provides customize features in all iOS device for their users can communicate everything in personal. Usable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Do you want to stop group text messages on iOS 8? On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch whatever it will be iMessage, SMS or MMS. It’s possible to do turn off. You can do disable that feature from the iPhone settings tools.  Know entire way from below how to disable or Turn off Group Text Message on iPhone.

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How to disable/ Turn off Group Text Message on iPhone – Especially for iOS 8  

Step 1. Tap on Settings app, on your iPhone home screen.

Step 2. Now Tap on ‘’Message’’

Step 3. Turn ‘’Group Messaging’’ Off, under SMS/MMS section.Turn off Group Text Message on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

That’s it. Now, no you or someone else can send Group Messages from your iOS devices. Don’t worry you can send single messages as previous way.

Let, we give you extra information about iMessage at the bottom. You can send or receive iMessage only on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac over Wi-Fi network. In beneficial, you can send text iMessage without hidden charges of your carrier Verizon, At &t, Sprint, etc.

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This setting has been removed in iOS 10 and iOS 11 running iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus and all iOS 11 supported devices.

Share your idea and tell us how much useful this tip on Turn off Group Text Message on iPhone for you.

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  1. It sometimes becomes irritating when many group texts started coming randomly on our phone as they are useless. so Apple provides a facility for their iPhone user to stop these group texts on their iPhone. so you can turn off easily by following a few steps.

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