How to Turn off Type to Siri in iOS 12.3.1/iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad

Get here how to disable Type to Siri in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad. The post will teach activate voice to Siri instead of enabled text to Siri.

The Type to Siri is a cool feature in updated iOS 11. But it could be a problem that there is not any shortcut on on-screen Siri keyboard to switch between type to Siri from voice to Siri and vice-versa. Therefore, whenever you don’t like to use text to Siri instead of talking at that moments, it will force you to turn off type to Siri on your iPhone/ iPad. And it is a little bit complicated to disable cause of it appears in Accessibility instead of Siri & Search setting preferences. By the way, today here I’m going to explain how you can turn type to Siri off hassle free and without waste of time.

Follow underneath given idea will let you deactivate the new Siri feature.

How to Turn off Type to Siri on iPhone, iPad in iOS 12

Disable Turn off Type to Siri in iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad

Step #1. Go to the Settings App from your iPhone home screen.

Step #2. Find General.

Step #3. Tap on Accessibility.

Step #4. Next Up, Scroll down the screen and tap Siri.

Tap on Accessibility and tap on Siri to turn off type to siri

Step #5. Hmm, nowhere you can See Type to Siri.

So let’s turn toggle Type to Siri off/White.

Stop turn off Type to Siri on iPhone iPad iOS 11

That’s it!

Now click on the home button and test to ask Siri.

Voila. Siri Keyboard has gone, and you got a Talk to Siri back.

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In extra, you can send feedback to apple and write them about give a little shortcut command to switch between voice to Siri to type to Siri. If it’s possible in coding, then we all hope that Apple will be put it in the next sequence update in iOS or future.

So friend, still above steps through you can enable type Siri or turn off type to Siri on your iOS 12 running iPhones and iPads.

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