How to Turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4: tvOS 9 Accessibility

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016

Complete information to shut off/ turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4. The VoiceOver is an accessibility feature as like built-in techno including like in iOS, WatchOS, OS X and now it has a place in tvOS. Apple always thinks and makes most useful features for all users and for those folks who are blind or have low vision, hearing problems etc. so VoiceOver works as big tv screen reader built-in technology in Apple TV 4th generation packed in tvOS 9. The feature help you take full advantage of all the entertainment you TV has to offer.

In some case, if voiceover gesture accidently starts or started to help for low vision people or blind people, but now unasked you are looking for to turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4. Even though, you have no Apple TV 4 documentary or no correct information to shut off that. You will get here enough steps which you are exploring.

Easy steps to make disable/ turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4

If you want to shut off VoiceOver due to, high volume screen reader then you can adjust that through Speech rate setting of VoiceOver. There are different ways to turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV screen. By using an accessibility shortcut, you can take help of Siri and the last way is manual that you are going to learn below.

Step 1. Launch Settings on your TV screen

Step 2. Choose General tabChoose General tab Apple TV 4

Step 3. Select Accessibility

Step 4.  Now go for VoiceOver under the Vision label.

Step 5. Tap to turn VoiceOver Off.turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4

You’re done.

You can also shut off VoiceOver using Siri, for that Siri should be enabled on your Apple TV 4.

Turn off VoiceOver using Siri by Apple TV Siri Remote

Let’s give a command to Siri remote ‘’Turn VoiceOver off’’. Therefore, Siri will help you to make to disable that instantly. You also wake up Siri to turn VoiceOver on ever.Turn off VoiceOver using Siri by Apple TV Siri Remote

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