Turn off Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S plus and save money

There are so many features included in iOS 9, out of all one of is a ‘‘Wi-Fi Assist’’. Its works as automatically use Cellular/mobile data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. It come default enabled but you can be turn off Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9. Turning on Wi-Fi assist through you can be get continues internet while your Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. Mean it will use your cell data. So ultimately that’s useful for maintaining online video playing or Facebook browsing, but not much good for limited data plan users.

For example, guess you’re at your office with enable mobile data iPhone or iPad. At the same time you’re browsing something by Wi-Fi coverage, But if you end up on a Wi-Fi network with a poor connection. So enabled Wi-Fi assist lets you automatically over to cellular/mobile data.

According to one techno newspaper, that the iOS 9 users are getting high bills due to of default turn on Wi-Fi assist on their Cell iPhone, iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular). So now may be you’re looking for how to turn off Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9 device? Then here we’re help you to reach at Wi-Fi assist option on your iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus/iPhone 5S/4S or iPad.

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Steps on how to turn off Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S plus and save money

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your running iOS 9 iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Step 2. Tap Cellular Data or Mobile Datahow to enable/ disable or turn off Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9

Step 3. Scroll down all the apps list on screen and get beneath option Wi-Fi Assist

Step 4. Now make slider Wi-Fi Assist Off.how to Turn off Wi-Fi assist on iPhone 6S, 6S plus in iOS 9

You’re done.

So live feel free now because you got ride on extra cost of cell phone data plan. Now whenever you want to enable Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9 quickly, then following Steps will let you to do that.

Settings > Cellular data/ Mobile data > Turn Wi-Fi Assist ON

Alternatively, just ask Siri ‘’Open Cellular Preferences’’ and then Scroll down the iPhone screen.

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How seems you Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9? Share your feedback in the comments box and tell us how much leverage you got from this page on turn off Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9.