Turn on/ Enable Wi-Fi Calling iPhone FAQs: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

Enable Wi-Fi Calling iPhone from Carrier

Most of the wireless carriers in the USA, UK, Canada, and others are now supporting Wi-Fi calling features for all compatible devices. So here is the Guide on how to make or Enable Wi-Fi calling iPhone for the users who are using Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Sprint wireless network. Wi-Fi calling free of cost for the located number in the USA, Outside the USA or international call it will be changed for that. This guide is also helpful if you fail to make a Wi-Fi call from an iOS device.

HD Voice or Wi-FI calling compatible iPhone, first you need to enable then set up for your address.

Steps for Setup or Enable Wi-Fi calling iPhone: Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint

Enable Wi-Fi Calling iPhone from Carrier

Steps for Turn Wi-Fi Call on iPhone setting by Verizon

Go to the Settings App > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling > Turn on Wi-Fi calling on This iPhone.

Once you enabled the Wi-Fi Calling option, follow the on-screen instruction that would need to enter your U.S. address. Once you complete all the guidelines, Wi-Fi calling will be automatically turn on for account by Verizon.

Any Problem while you travel internationally, Make sure it will be charged and know more about full detail on Verizon customer support (911 – Emergency call).

Wi-FI calling with T Mobile

Go to Official Site, Register your address at first, More about update Existing Address or Enter new address click here. Or Go to the Settings App on iPhone > Phone > Wi-Fi calls > Turn On > Next Tap on Emergency address.

Your devices scan the Wi-Fi network and Turn on over the air calling for you.

Make Wi-Fi call using AT&T

Setup for AT&T Wi-Fi calling same like above, But Charges guideline work like that Domestic number has no charge but the international call will automatically be applied on long-distance package and standers charges as well.

Sprint Users

Your iPhone installed minimum iOS 8.3 or later updated. Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi calling and enter your details.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling iPhone I very easy but you will get the problem on miss configuration and Wrong plan selection.

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