Turn ON/ Turn off Auto Rotate Screen on iPhone X/XR/XS Max/ XS: Change Screen Orientation

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Here’s the guide on how to Turn On or Turn off Auto Rotate Screen on iPhone X, iPhone XS Max/XS/XR. Using Control center or From Assistive touch.

iPhone X, Apple’s 10th anniversary model of the iPhone family. Comes up with massive change hardware and brand new gestures compared to other Apple iPhones. Typically, first without Home button iPhone X’s whole new multitasking features makes old iPhone user like a fresher one. Henceforth, among the entire gestures screen rotating orientation Shipping with a new style. Let’s head over on how to turn off screen rotation on iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

There is only one control to handle the home screen and lock screen rotating on iPhone X whenever a user is watching videos, making the presentation, etc.

Manage Lock Orientation to Stop Screen Rotation on iPhone X/XS Max/ XS and iPhone XR

Manage Auto Rotate Screen on iPhone X

Step #1 launch the Control Center on your iPhone X

Step #2. On iPhone X, pull down from the top-right corner to get Control Center.

Hope, you can see a Control Center on your iPhone X Screen, now you can appear a screen rotation toggle next to the half-moon icon.

Turn ON or Turn off Auto Rotate Screen on iPhone X

Step #3. Let’s tap on a Screen Rotation icon to turn off Screen rotation on iPhone X.

So after it, you won’t rotate your Phone screen for 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 360 degrees. That’s it!

In future, ever you want to enable screen rotation on iPhone 10, then follow below-given guide.

Turn on Screen Rotation on iPhone X

Step #1. Summon Control Center on your iPhone X.

Step #2. To access Control Center on iPhone X, Swipe down from the Upper-right Corner to get Control Center.

Tap on Screen rotation toggle to permit to screen orientation on iPhone X.

You’re Done!

Use Assistive Touch: Getting Trouble or won’t easily access control center

Due to lack of Reachability feature on iPhone X, we can use Assistive touch and use Rotation Screen shortcut at glance option.

Rotation Screen icon button is not on Assistive touch card then customize assistive touch or Add new Screen rotation shortcut in a layout. See the below image,

iPhonae X Screen rotation manage

You guys, stay tuned with us to get more tips and tricks on iPhone X and become a master of the iPhone model has no Home button.

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