How to Turn On/Turn Off Tumblr Safe Mode on iPhone, iPad App

1 Tumblr Safe mode enable on iPhone from settings

Looking to Turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr? Get Here How to. Tumblr is a Social networking and microblogging site for all Categories and Topics users. So Tumblr users can share and post relative information through website URL or Text/Image/Video share amazingly. Tumblr is a platform that helps to share your ideas with millions of people if you choose the right tags and Category keyword. Let’s start the epic journey with Tumblr. If you want or don’t want your content show in 18+ result or offset keywords set but Tumblr.

Turn off safe mode that removes all the security or if you think your content should be blocked for the Sensitive material or Search, keep it turned on.

1 Tumblr Safe mode enable on iPhone from settings

Steps for Enable/ Disable safe mode on Tumblr on iPhone, iPad

Tumblr app should installed for find related settings in iPhone settings app.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on the iPhone/iPad or iPod.

Step 2: Next, Scroll down to the bottom and Find “Tumblr.” See different Tumblr settings included “Safe Mode.”

3 Turn on Safe Mode for Tumblr on iPhone

Step 3: Tap on Safe Mode > Hide all Sensitive Content.

4 Remove all explicit content on iPhone

For Disable Safe Mode

Go the Steps below and Find “Don’t hide anything” under the Safe Mode.

Also should be changed in Tumblr Web settings

Your iPhone settings don’t overwrite or replace with the Web users. You need to improve or Enable Safe Mode manually from Tumblr account settings.

Go to the Tumblr account link, Open on your Mac or PC browser.

1 Tumblr Safe mode enable on iPhone

Login with Tumblr Username and Password

Find Filtering option: Safe Mode.

Enable this option we can “Hide Sensitive material from your dashboard and Searches.”

If this option is enabling, you will get the message like “This Tumblr may contain sensitive media. Safe mode is on”.

Wrap Up

Tumblr secures privacy and user data. Let’s make customized it and use different account levels for actual power and auto filter from spam activity and users.

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