How to fix i can’t see None option when edit Apple ID payment info

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Having an issue on unable to seeNone option when edit Apple ID payment information? The Apple wants Credit card information to create a new Apple ID, as well as if you are using the App store or Apple iTunes store for the first time. But, it doesn’t necessary that the everyone’s have credit card. So for those folks who have no credit card; Apple provides special None option and family sharing feature, too. Therefore, they can easily create Apple ID without credit card.

Sometimes whenever you try to edit your Apple ID or iTunes Store payment/billing information and want to change from credit card to None option. Even though, unluckily you might not able to select None option or None option showing grayed out. So behind it, there are possible reasons. Let’s a look below given clues that will let you what are the actual facts against can’t see None option when edit Apple ID payment method.

Potential clues to see None option when edit Apple ID Payment information

can’t see None option when edit Apple ID payment info

Are you a member of Family sharing?

Make confirm if you are a member of the Apple’s family sharing feature. In this way, family-sharing organizer has all controls. Mean if you’re included as a child account and the family organizer must use a credit card information as a payment method. This payment method will be used for all purchases like buy items from Book store, App store, Mac app store whatever. So only, the organizer has a right to edit payment information. So to see None option, you need leave out from that group.

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Steps to leave a family sharing membership:

how to leave a family sharing membership

Settings → iCloud → Stop Family Sharing or Leave Family Sharing.

Note: You will no longer share purchases with this family or pay for purchases initiated by family members.

That’s it.

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