How to Turn Off Power Reserve on Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8

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Is your Apple Watch drain quickly? Your Apple Watch displays a 1% to 2% battery, and you have not yet accessed the Apple Watch charger. Then the better way is to put your Apple Watch into Power Reserve Mode. It is a better way than a black screen died Apple Watch on your wrist. Yes, people, you get everything about on turn on and turn off Apple Watch Power Reserve Mode.

This will help you to save your smartwatch battery life. Additionally, Apple WatchOS Power Reserve mode and iOS low Power mode work on a similar basic concept even though there is a huge difference between both. Get below how to do all.

A tip is used for all Apple Watch models, including Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch 2, and Apple Watch Nike+.

Steps to Turn On Power Saving Mode on Apple Watch

Enter/ Exit Apple Watch Power Reserve Mode watchOS 3 and later
  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch face on Apple Watch to the Control Center.
  2. At a glance, you can appear the battery percentage indicator tap on it.
  3. Now tap on Power Reserve to turn it on.
Enable Apple Watch Power Reserve Mode

You’re done.

If you have an old version of Apple Watch, please go with the following steps to enter Power Reserve mode.

  1. Hold down the Power button on Apple Watch.
  2. You will appear three options like Power Off, Power Reserve, and Lock Device. So drag the middle slider to the right to put your Apple Watch Power Reserve.

That’s it.

What changes come while Apple Watch entered to Power Reserve Mode?

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Apple Watch only shows up a digital clock face to reflect this. And doesn’t display extra features. For example, the likely date, Weather, Activity ring is disabled. Finally, it is a power-saving trick while you don’t use your Apple Watch.

Now lets we see at below,

Steps on How to Turn off Power Reserve on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Power button and hold down Apple Logo

Put your finger on the Apple Watch Power button and hold down until you see the Apple Logo on the screen.

You will get all features back on a glace. It is a similar process as you rebooting Apple Watch. So here, you Apple Watch exit from the Power saving mode, and now your watch will quickly start battery drain. So even if you have only 2% to 3% battery, please, I recommend you have to stay in enabled Power Reserve until you can get an Apple Watch charger.

Power Reserve mode makes Apple Watch a simple wristwatch, but it’s a good feature that you’ve black screen died Apple Watch. Right?

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