How to Enable & Use Dictation and Keyboard Together in macOS Sonoma

Without a doubt, Dictation is one of the valuable features of a Mac. It is a utility that lets you multitask by taking over the input to give you hand-free access. To further hone the edges, Apple has improved dictation capabilities which lets you use the Keyboard and Dictation once on macOS Sonoma with various apps, like Notes, Pages, TextEdit, and various third-party Apps. Here’s how you can use Dictation and keyboard once on your Mac. 

How to Use Dictation and Keyboard at once on Mac

Remember, Your Mac needs to be updated to the macOS Sonoma. For this, you read our guide on how to update your Mac.

Supported Languages,

Available in Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Cantonese (China mainland), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands), English (Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UK, US), Finnish (Finland), French (Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland), German (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), Hebrew (Israel), Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Malay (Malaysia), Mandarin Chinese (China mainland, Taiwan), Norwegian Bokmål (Norway), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Spanish (Chile, Mexico, Spain, US), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand) and Turkish (Türkiye). Requires download of speech models (Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > System Voice > Manage Voice last option > Select Language and Download offline. ).

Steps to enable Dictation and keyboard once on Mac

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Settings…
  3. Click on the Keyboard from the left panel.
  4. Click on the toggle next to the Dictation.
Enable and use Dictation and Keyboard Together on Mac
Enable and use Dictation and Keyboard Together on Mac

How to use Dictation and keyboard once on your Mac

Now that you’ve turned on the Dictation on your Mac, remember keyboard and dictation work with most applications, including Notes, Pages, TextEdit, Microsoft Word, etc. With that out of the way, here’s how to use the keyboard and Dictation on your Mac.

Note: To use Dictation and keyboard on a Mac mini, you must be connected to an external microphone. If not, you won’t be able to use this feature. 

  1. Press Command + Space to open the spotlight search.
  2. Type Mail App, Notes, Text Edit, or Pages, and click on it to open.
  3. Now, create New Document or Compose a New Mail. 
  4. Click on Edit from the menu bar. Choose Start Dictation. Start Writing a Text using the Keyboard. And Another way is to press the F5 Button (Dictation Not Working or FN Key Not Working) to access the dictation feature.
Start Dictation on Mac with Keyboard Typing in MacOS
Start Dictation on Mac with Keyboard Typing in MacOS
  1. After this, you can use both keyboards and dictate the speech to jot down the thoughts in your document. 

3 Ways to Stop Dictation,

To turn off Dictation, click Edit in the menu bar and select Cancel Dictation. Or Click on the Mic icon to Cancel it. Or Quickly Cancel Using F5 Key from your Mac Keyboard.

Final Thought!

That’s how you can easily use the keyboard and Dictation together to jot down your thoughts on your Mac. If you have a question regarding this feature on your Mac, let us know in the below comment box. 

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