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Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

How to Make or Create Web Clip widget on Mac OS X Yosemite. Very handy way you can make using this tutorial. Let’s first we give you a little intro about what is Web Clip Widgets? Web Clip widgets is a one kind of Website widgets which you can add on your Mac dashboard such as you add, Calculator, Clock , Weather Widgets etc. but  Web Clip widgets is a tiny difference, it’s a Website Clip in which you can make your favorite webpage portion into a Web Clip widgets. The web page you used to create it opens. Using that you can get the update of those web pages content when it update. So, let’s Create Web Clip Widgets of your favorite website on Safari Browser which you read daily, by using beneath given Step. You can make as many Web Clip Widgets as you want.

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Steps for Create Web Clip Widget on Mac – OS X 10.10

Step 1. Open Safari Web browser and go, on that webpage which you want to make widgets

Step 2. Select File and Open in Dashboard.

Step 3. Now, select portion of the webpage which you want to make widgets of your Mac dashboard,

and then move the highlighted rectangle around.      

Step 4. When the portion of the widget is highlighted then click it.

Step 5. To reposition the highlighted portion, drag it and if you want resize the portion then drag the round handle on its edge.

Step 6. After the completely adjusting the Widgets Outline, Click Add.

Step 7. Now see on your Mac dashboard, at their you appear Web Clip Widgets displayed.

That’s it. How you feel after Create Web Clip widget on your Mac OX Yosemite. You can use below way for Edit, Resize your Web Clip Widgets. Web Clip widgets remain on your Mac Dashboard until you remove it.

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Way for customize the Web Clip Widget through below instruction

Move the cursor on upper right hand side corner and Click info (i) button, when it appears, then select beneath given option.

  • Theme : you can select look of the widget in this option
  • Edit – Using this option you can Edit your Web Clip Widgets, To re-size Widgets or Re-position of the content. Just Click Edit.
  • Play Only Audio in Dashboard – if your widget is a Sound clip which is made by you, then select Check box is you want close the clip when you close the Mac Dashboard.

Have you any other way about Create Web Clip widget on Mac then share it with us.

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