How to Use Google Pay on iPhone, iPad [2020 Updated]: Money Transfer

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2020

Google Pay on iPhone by Google is very useful for money transfer on iPhone or Pay with iPhone to your friends, Or Bank. Here I show various tips on how to use Google Pay for mobile payment, Troubleshooting guide. Withing minutes pay/ Receive money from wallet payment under a trusted and secure seal.

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Google Pay support All debit cards/ Credit cards and Direct bank account connection.

Steps for using Google Pay on iPhone/ iPad, Guide and Tips

1: How to Use & Download Google Pay on iPhone

Google Pay is not available all Platform, So we can do it from smartphones easily. Let’s Get how to do Google Pay payments and Earn some rewards or Coupon code for Extra cashback. Google Pay is available for iPhone and Android mobile. Google Pay is #1 Secure payment service by Google Finance. We can get a Google Pay account using a Mobile number only. So we can do from UPI setup with google Pay easily. Let’s Start Making a payment from Bank account to Bank account Using Mobile number, Direct Transfer and also Do Mobile Recharge, Bill Payments and so on.

The transaction limit is Depends on your Bank and Account type that is linked with your Google Pay account. The maximum amount we can transfer from a single Google pay payment is 99999 INR and $9999.

  • Open App Store > Search Tab > Google Pay > Download and Install Google Pay. That’s it.

    Download and install google pay on iPhone

    Download and install Google Pay on iPhone

  • Open Google Pay app and Sign in with your Google Account, Enter Mobile number, [Verify Mobile number], Enter Bank Account Details [Google Pay app will send SMS from your Register Mobile number in Bank and Verify automatically – You have Free SMS or Balance for Verify Google Pay With Standard SMS Charge] – Follow on-screen instructions.

2: How to Close Google Pay Account on iPhone

We can close google pay account [Not Google Account] anytime and Fast. if you beware of fundamental activity with your Google account then close your Google Pay account, Your all payment service will close automatically. No one can send money from a bank account or Request to you for the payment amount. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your iPhone. and Tap on Profile picture.

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

  2. Next, Scroll to Close Account > Confirm.

    Close Google Pay account on iPhone

    Close Google Pay account on iPhone

  3. That’s it.

3: How to Remove Bank Account From Google Play

Unlink or Remove Bank account from Google pay is Really easy and sometimes this process fixes the issues if you are facing the issues with making payment using a particular bank account only. After Remove any Bank account from Google Pay App settings we can Re-add the same bank account using the SMS Verification process only.

  1. Open Google Pay app on iPhone, Tap on Google pay Profile at the top left corner of the screen.

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

  2. On the Account settings page, Find the Bank Accounts option and Tap on it.

    Manage Bank Accounts from Google Pay settings on iPhone

    Manage Bank Accounts from Google Pay settings on iPhone

  3. See the list of All Bank account that linked with your Google Pay mobile number.
  4. Click on a Particular Bank account > Tap on More Settings (…) option at Top Right that you want to delete from Google Pay.

    Remove Bank Account from Google pay on iPhone

    Remove Bank Account from Google pay on iPhone

  5. Tap on Delete Account. That’s it.

4: How to Change Google Pay Mobile number

Your new Mobile number must be listed on the same Bank account. After Update your mobile number on Google Pay successfully, Your Friends able to search your Google Pay account with a new number or Send money via a new Number. Follow the below steps to change Mobile number on Google Pay without Delete Google Pay account.

  1. Open the Google Pay app on iPhone. Next Tap on Google Pay profile at the top left corner of the screen.

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

  2. Now, Scroll to Mobile Number and Tap on it. and Enter New Mobile Number, Tap on Next.

    Change Google Pay mobile number on iPhone

    Change Google Pay mobile number on iPhone

  3. You will receive a One-Time OTP Password in Text Message. Verify it.

    Update Mobile number on google pay iPhone

    Update Mobile number on google pay iPhone

  4. That’s it.

5: How to Check all Google Pay History on iPhone, iPad

Anytime, we can check recent Google pay Payment History through the Google Pay iOS app. Also, Check Payment history from the first day of Payment with Google that you have Received or Made a payment. Received or Credited Amount will see in Green digit and the Sent amount will see in Red digit.

  • Can I Delete Google Pay History [Transactions History]? No, We can’t Delete History from Google pay App. For the Security Reason, Google Doesn’t allow a user to delete the history.
  1. Open Google Pay on iPhone. Scroll to the last screen and Find All Transactions option.

    Google Pay on iPhone

    Google Pay on iPhone

  2. Here’s see all the Transaction in Date filter. if the Recent transaction will not appear on the list then Tap on more button at the top right corner of the iPhone screen.

    See All Transaction History on Google pay iPhone app

    See All Transaction History on Google pay iPhone app

  3. Refresh the list.
  4. That’s it.

6: How to Make a Payment To Bank Transfer Using Google Pay

Use Google Pay app for Direct Bank Transfer, Enter the Bank details and Send Payment 24×7 without adding a payee and Wait for Make a payment. We can make payment in Any Bank without any Charges like IMPS. Google Pay is using your Bank UPI so it’s Quick and No cost on Transfer money. Follow the Below steps for Direct Transfer money to Bank account instantly with Bank Account number, IFSC code, and Payeen name. Bank Transfer Details we can see in google pay app Payment History as well. Follow the above steps to check Direct Bank Transfer History.

  1. Open Google Pay on iPhone, Tap on New Option.

    Make a Payment Using google pay on iPhone

    Make a Payment Using google pay on iPhone

  2. Select Bank Transfer Option, Enter Payee name, Bank account number Two times [Don’t copy] and Enter Your Payee Branch IFSC Code. Tap on next.

    Bank Transfer Using google Pay on iPhone

    Bank Transfer Using google Pay on iPhone

  3. Enter the Amount and Pay.
  4. That’s it.

7: How to Change Profile Picture in Google Pay Account on iPhone

Profile Picture is one more identity for a secure google pay account. Your payee will easily identify your profile and send the money in the right way. Here are the steps to change Google Pay Profile picture using google Pay mobile app.

  1. Open the Google Pay app on iPhone. Tap on Profile name from the top left corner of the screen.

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

    Google pay Settings on iPhone

  2. Now, Tap on Profile picture, From the Popup Select Take Photo (Capture Live Photo) or Choose Photo(Select Photo from Camera Roll).

    Change Google Play Profile picture on iPhone App

    Change Google Play Profile picture on iPhone App

  3. That’s it.

Where is Google Pay UPI ID, Send Payment Or Request Payment

Stop Google Pay Notification about new Friend join

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Download and install Google Pay app on iPhone/ iPad from the App Store.

Open Google Pay on the iOS device, the first screen will show $0, Tap on it for Send money by entering an amount.

Then, Tap on Send

Enter the recipient’s email, Name and Contact number for the verification. Send it again and confirm verification.

2 Send money from google wallet iPhone

Note: Still you have a few seconds before transfer comes in the process, any time you can cancel or Declined transaction.

You can’t send more than $9,999 per single transaction and $50,000 per five days duration.

Send Request to receive money from recipients

Open Google Pay app, Tap on $0 and enter the requested amount. Then Tap on Request.

Enter Email and Recipient’s name in Details, Confirm amount and Tap on Final “Request.”

To Cancel Request or Send Reminder: Open Google Pay app, Under Activity, Go to your sent request and Tap on cancel or Set the reminder. Learn more in details.

Pay payment for the new request

See all received requests under notification (Bell icon). On Request notification, Click on “Settle up.”

3 Cash out or make payment with Google Wallet iPhone

Confirm the amount and Sent.

Receive Money

More freedom in google Pay, we can receive money by Mail or Text message. Read the instruction carefully your Mail or Message before clicking on the link in Mail/ Message.

When we click on a link, it will redirect to Wallet app or

Withdraw money to Bank account

Using Google Pay, we can transfer money from the wallet to the Bank account free. The transfer process is very fast, but some bank takes up to 24 hours to 3 Days.

Go to the Wallet app or

Tap on Balance > Cash out > Choose payment method > Enter amount > Cash Out.

That’s it.

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What Online Store Accepts Google Pay?

Millions of online stores accepting Google Pay for purchase, few of them are NewNeweggockport, Rekutan, Fancy, Tommy Hilfiger, Gyft, 1800 Flowers, Quiznos, Ticket Network, B&H Photo, Rockport and many more.

Stores that accept Google Pay

Google Pay work with NFC Technology, Easy process gift many benefits like Make payments, redeem coupons and earn rewards at all business. Apple is also using NFC technology so it’s very easy now for all the merchants.

Also, you can request for Google Pay credit card; it’s a physical card convert your money from Google Pay to gift card. Use everywhere in-place of master-card. The report says physical cards more secure than mobile wallets.

Let’s install Google Pay on iPhone and pay with iPhone freely and very fast. Also, share your opinion on google virtual Pay and benefits that you are enjoying.

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