iOS keyboard shortcuts for iPhone/ iPad: Create custom shortcuts

Shortcut on tiny screen devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) is more useful, also on big screen iPad Pro, Mac or PC as well. If we have custom shortcuts then we can do job more fast and easy from onscreen keyboard from iOS 9 or iOS 8 device. For the iOS device, we have a great option to use very useful shortcut just like iOS keyboard shortcuts are Assistive Touch, Home screen Website Shortcuts, Shake to undo and redo. That will speed up typing whole sentence and world in text, Mail, Search.

Also you can create shortcuts for icon and symbol to use on chat, Mail or iMessages. Folks, who disabled text prediction on keyboard, can use saved custom iOS keyboard shortcuts.iOS keyboard shortcuts: iOS 9, iOS 8

Steps to create iOS keyboard shortcuts with example on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Here in this example I created shortcut for full web address, that’s mostly used or from keyboard. So, you can create shortcut for any size text, Symbol (Apple, Twitter) or icon.

#1 Go to the Setting app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

#2 Next, Tap on general > Keyboard.

#3 Then, Go with Text replacement. There you can add any number of shortcut characters that will be appeared on keyboard when you end shortcut type.1 Keyboard setting on iPhone

From The top right corner Tap on “+” symbol.

On screen you can see Two text box for Phrase and Shortcut.3 Add code for full text on iOS keyboard

Phrase: You desired text that would be use for appropriate code.

ShortCut: Your short code in the form of Simple character or mixed character.

Next, Tap on save from top right corner.

Note: After that you can manage all the shortcuts applied for keyboard, by delete, edit or add new one, from the same screen.

iOS keyboard shortcuts are very useful to all business users, professionals and all others.


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