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We have expressed our dissatisfaction with the inability to save text inscribed on photos numerous times. The newly launched Live Text editor is a valuable innovation to make life easier, whether it’s an inspirational quote from a limited edition poster or details of an upcoming sale inscribed in photos Saved on Mac, Photos App, Safari Webpage. Just like Live Text on iPhone

It is an important feature that people mostly use to avoid the complexities of copying text from a live image, online posters, and billboards. Its use as an editing tool will make everyone’s workflow more seamless and fast. Many people nowadays use this feature to make their lives hassle-free, improve customer experience and make things easier for one. This tool can extract text from photos and paste it into notes, emails, and other documents for easy accessibility

The live text editor was the most helpful feature in iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and iPadOS 15. An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool is a live text editor of Apple products. It converts text from online and offline images (restaurant entrees, birthday cards, postcards, Address [Location, Phone Number, Email Address, Website URL]) into readable textual content for phones and laptops. While it is an in-built feature in the macOS Monterey & later macOS, users of older versions of macOS may encounter difficulties because it is not an in-built feature. 

However, this is not a stumbling block because Apple Mac Users have an alternate app called ‘TextSniper OCR simplified’ for users of older operating systems (BigSur and earlier). So, before we highlight the detailed tips for using Live Text in photos on Older macOS, let’s delve deeper into its impact on Monteray users and how its usage can affect change. 

How to use Live Text in photos on macOS

Live Text is a feature that emerged with the intention and motive of assisting people in navigating specific challenges. For example, consider yourself in a foreign country, attempting to read a road sign in a language not your native tongue. Here’s where the Live Text tool comes in handy. Depending on the situation, you can perform a variety of tasks. You can use Live Text in Preview, Photos, Quick View, or Safari, depending on the task. In addition, you have the option of doing the following:

  1. Open the supported app or tool. Launch the appropriate app or tool – Preview App or Photos app.
  2. Find Text from the picture that you need to copy.
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  1. Hover around the text, and select it by Highlighting the text.
  2. Right-click the highlighted text to perform various actions such as Look Up, Translate, and Search with Google. If you can’t select Text from image, then Go to the Top menu, Tools > Text Selection.

Are you uncomfortable with this macOS Feature? Let’s try my favorite tool to copy Text from anywhere on Mac using the app.

Use Live Text on Safari Webpage,

Select the Text from the Image on Webpage, and Copy the Text without downloading the Picture to Mac and Extract. See below picture,


Look Up: provides additional information about the text when available, such as information about a location, which is a valuable tool for backpackers and travelers. Knowledge of a location is available at your fingertip.

Translate: Apple will automatically translate the text into other languages. To select a language, use the pull-down menu. It is ideal for visitors to a foreign country. Previously, you could not have copied text directly from images into Google Translate. It is now much easier to do so. 

Google Searches: Allow the search engine to find out more about the copied word on Safari Browser.

How to use Live Text in Photos on Older macOS

It is not difficult for those running older versions of macOS to use the Live Text tool. It is simple to accomplish with the help of the Text Sniper tool. So, what exactly is it?

Text Sniper is a more capable tool than most optical character recognition applications. Because it outperforms more complex character recognition software, it ensures hassle-free engagement. As an Apple user, one need not be technically sound. It is simple to use and works well for both home and business Mac users. You can access the menu bar and choose from a list of options.

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You won’t have any significant issues if you’ve used the built-in screen capture application on a Mac frequently. You can choose a specific portion of any image, photo, or PDF document. Then, the software will automatically identify and display the embedded text on the screen. 

The text will be automatically copied to the clipboard for later use. Then, launch your preferred macOS text editing or notepad application. Most importantly, you don’t need an internet connection to start.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, we have a list of additional enticing features that compel anyone to use the app. Here we go:

  • Extract text from a non-searchable PDF file without having to process the entire document.
  • The app can copy text even if it cannot be copied, such as ebooks or web articles.
  • Text can be captured and converted to speech in video games.
  • QR codes and barcodes are both readable.

Here is an additional list of things to look forward to:

  • It processes any document quickly and accurately.
  • Even small text on low-quality or dense-background images is recognized.
  • TextSniper can speak the identified text to you at any time.
  • It supports English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages.

Get a Full Review of Text Sniper App for Mac

Older Mac users can get the app from the Apple Store. Then, remove all the roadblocks from your way with the help of the Text Sniper tool. 

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