How to Enable and Use Presenter Overlay in macOS Sonoma

Last Updated on Jun 15, 2023

At WWDC3, Apple announced multiple new features, such as a slow-motion screensaver, widgets on the desktop, and a new web app that will be a part of macOS Sonoma. However, besides these new features, macOS 14 also brings quality improvements to the Video conferencing app with a feature called Presenter Overlay.

If you missed Apple’s biggest event and wondered what this feature is and how to use it on Mac, here’s everything you need to know about Presenter Overlay in the latest macOS. 

What is Presenter Overlay?

Presenter Overlay is a new video conferencing feature launched with macOS Sonoma, which lets you place yourself on the top of the presentation, such as a slideshow. The feature works by removing your background and then placing your small floating picture ahead of the content. And the best part is you can move the floating picture anywhere you want. 

Besides working with Apple’s FaceTime, the Presenter Overlay works seamlessly with other third-party apps like Zoom. 

Requirements of Presenter Overlay

  • Your Mac must be updated to macOS Sonoma & later.
  • You need a video conferencing app that supports Presenter Overlay.
  • You must have Apple Mac with Apple Silicone Chip. 

How to use Presenter Overlay in macOS 14 Sonoma

Here’s how to use the Presenter Overlay in Facetime and other third-party apps like Zoom. 

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Use Presenter Overlay in FaceTime

  1. Press Command + Space to launch the spotlight.
  2. Type FaceTime and open the FaceTime App.
  3. Join an ongoing meeting or start a new FaceTime Call.
  4. Click on Screen Share Icon.

How to Enable and Use Presenter Overlay on Mac
How to Enable and Use Presenter Overlay on Mac
  1. Select whether you want to share a specific window or entire screen.
  2. Choose Small or Large under the Presenter Overlay Menu. 
  • Small Overlay: In Small Overlay, your face will appear in the movable bubble, so it’s easy to be seen while showcasing your works.
  • Large Overlay: You will remain prominent in Large Overlay while your shared screen is framed beautifully next to you. 
Change overlays, large and small in Presenter Overlay Mac
  1. If the participant is using an iPhone, they will receive a Join Screen Sharing pop-up and must hit Open to start viewing. 

That’s It! You’ve successfully shared your screen via FaceTime and started Presenter Overlay. 

Use Presenter Overlay in Zoom and other third-party apps

  1. First thing first, install the Zoom App on your Mac.
  2. Open Zoom App.
  3. Start or join a call.
  4. Share your Mac screen by selecting Share Screen Icon.
  5. Search for the Presenter Overlay feature. You can access Presenter Overlay in Advance > Slides as Virtual Background. Or you can select Zoom Icon from the menu bar, and then you will see Presenter Overlay Menu. Select Small or Large. 
  6. Lastly, click Share. 

Right after this, you will see the floating picture in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Enhance Your Presenter Overlay

To enhance your Presenter Overlay quality, here are some points you need to consider. 

  • Use a simple and neutral background to prevent distractions and improve contrast.
  • Avoid backlighting and glare.
  • Look at your Webcam instead of the screen.
  • Avoid placing multiple objects in the background. 
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Those are a few tips you need to consider to improve and use the Presenter Overlay on your macOS Sonoma.

Upgrade your Presentation skills with Presenter Overlay!

This is how using the Presenter Overlay in FaceTime or other third-party app like Zoom, instead of sharing screen or window content only, you can become more engaging with your audience and be an integral part of your presentation.

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