How to Create Safari Profiles on Mac (macOS Sonoma)

With the release of macOS Sonoma, Apple has added a new feature to Safari known as Profiles. This Safari feature allows you to create individual browser identities for your home browsing, work, school, etc., by keeping cookies, history, extensions, Tab Groups, and favorites separate.

So, if you want to separate all your browser details into distinct units, let’s jump in and look at the steps of how to create New Safari Profiles on your Mac running macOS Sonoma.

Steps to Use Safari Profiles on Mac (Sonoma)

Before we proceed with the procedure, ensure that your Mac computer is running the macOS Sonoma or later. For this, you can read our guide on how to update macOS.  

How to Create Safari Profiles on Mac Sonoma

After updating your Mac to the latest macOS, follow the steps below to create Safari profiles in macOS.

Things You Should Know…

  • Safari Profiles lets you keep your browsing separate. 
  • Your cookies, history, and website data will be separated from the rest of your browsing.
  • You can give a name to your profile, give an icon, and also configure custom favorites.
  • You can manage your extensions individually for each profile.
Enable and Disable Widget for Profile in Safari mac
Enable and Disable Widget for Profile in Safari mac
Access Safari Extension in Safari Profile on Mac
Access Safari Extension in Safari Profile on Mac
  • Safari Profiles won’t sync across your Apple devices with the same Apple ID.

1→ Open Safari on your Mac.

2→ Click on Safari from the menu bar.

3→ Select Settings…

Open Safari Settings on Mac to Create Profiles
Open Safari Settings on Mac to Create Profiles

4→ Go to Profiles Menu.

5→ Click on New Profile Button, or if you created one (Want to add a New, Click on “+” Button).

6→ Enter Name, and select Symbol and Color for your Profile.

7→ Further, you can select either “Create New Bookmarks Folder” or “Use Existing Folder.”

Once you are done with it, select Create Profile.

Create a New Profile in Safari Mac
Create a New Profile in Safari Mac

Now, in the General Tab, you can decide where you want your New Window to open.

After this, select the Extensions Tab and choose the extension you want to use with your Safari Profile.

Enable and Disable Widget for Profile in Safari mac
Enable and Disable Widget for Profile in Safari mac

That’s It!

How to Switch Safari Profiles on Mac

If it’s the first time or you have created multiple Safari accounts and don’t know how to switch Safari Profiles, here’s how. 

1→ As you open Safari on your Mac, you will prompt with the normal interface. 

2→ To shuffle between the Safari Profile, From the top menu Windows > Select Safari Window to Switch Between them or right-click on the Safari icon in the dock. 

3→ Select the desired profile from the menu.

4→ That’s It! The chosen profile will open in Safari.

How to delete Safari Profiles on Mac Sonoma

1→ Launch Safari.

2→ Select Safari from the menu bar.

3→ Click on Settings…

4→ Go to the Profiles tab.

5→ Select the user Profile you want to delete from the left pane.

Delete Safari Profile on Mac
Delete Safari Profile on Mac

After this, Click the – Icon > Delete Profile in the prompt you receive. 

Delete Profile from Safari Mac
Delete Profile from Safari Mac

Custom Safari Profiles You Should Start Using…

1. Work Profile

As said earlier, Safari Profiles lets you keep your browsing separate. So why designating Safari as your Work Browser and something else, like Chrome, as your Home Browser? With the latest macOS, you can take advantage of the Profiles feature to keep your work things separate in different container.

You may have a Safari-only extension that you need only for work – that’s the perfect fit for your Work Profile. No more need to set up extensions entirely on Safari aside from the Work Profile. One of the huge benefits is that all your bookmarks, history, and websites that need to be private will be stored separately from the rest profiles.

2. Toddler Profile 

As we all know, the internet provides a plethora of information just with a single click. On the other hand, it also lets your child access potentially harmful content. In this scenario, Safari profiles turn out to be an extremely useful feature if you want to control your toddler from accessing certain sites when browsing. 

3. Hobby Profile

Since Apple says different Profiles hold their own unique bookmarks, it makes sense to create individual Profiles. You could make a separate Cooking Profile where you store bookmarks related to new recipe videos, etc. A Blogging Profile makes a good place to store bookmarks of competitors’ blogs, SEO, etc. 

4. Social Media Profile

Besides Bookmarks, each profile also maintains its own unique history and set of cookies. And thus, creating separate Social Media Profiles also makes sense. Now consider you have different Twitter accounts for Work, Personal, and more. Juggling all of them can be nerve-racking. 

And that’s when keeping separate social media profiles is a great option. It keeps you can stay log-in to all relevant websites as per your task. That’s why if you have multiple accounts with the same service, you don’t have to log-in or out each time. You’ll know that everything you need is ready when you open appropriate safari profile. 

Final Thought!

After learning about the Profiles on Safari, you’ll hopefully appreciate Apple a lot more. At first, this idea might seem insignificant, but they really are helpful on day-to-day basis.

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