How to Use Today Widgets in iOS on iPhone and iPadOS

Does iPhones have widgets? Yes, iPhone and iPad both have Widget. Apple’s latest iOS every year comes with awesome features. So, many features in Apple’s iOS platform gained that probably not get in other smartphones operating system like Android. Likewise, Handoff, interactive notification, Wi-Fi Calling, etc. But it’s not essential every folk has known these all features. Same stuff here one of the features from all, it’s Today widgets: here you can know that how to Use Today Widgets in iOS? Learn it with picture illustration.

Through Today View options, you can add as well delete new widgets in your iOS iPhone or iPad. We can say this is a very innovative feature in iOS of the Notification center. If users are the developer and they would like that to see own application notifications in the bar then they can ass by adding it as a new widget. How to add it you can see it in the beneath step.

Steps On how to Use today Widgets in iOS: Add and Delete widgets in the Today view of the Notification bar

Q: What is a Today widget?

The iPhone and iPad have a Today View tool that provides access to at-a-glance information from your most-used applications. It’s an amazing way to customize and use your programs without actually touching them on the Home screen.

Q: Where are my widgets on iPhone? or Where is the Today widget on iPhone?

A: For both questions, the answer is same- you can get Your iPhone widgets by swipe right side from the left on Homescreen. And you can touch all your widgets, to add and remove widget follow the above-mentioned steps.

Step: 1. Open Today View Screen, just swipe right side from the left on your iOS iPhone or iPad.

Step: 2. So you can see already added Today widgets.

Step: 3. Now, Scroll Down the beneath and Tap Edit, after this, you will get the authority to add and remove the widget.

Step: 4. Here you’ve two options either add widgets by tapping on the plus icons or remove widgets by tapping on the minus icons,

Tap on plus icons to add the widget in the today view

Step: 5. You can also set the widgets up and down by drag widgets option

We ardor, by share this tips on how to use today widgets in iOS?, Whatever let’s leave your comment, which is your favorite apps and which one you want to like mostly keeps in your Today view tab and see in the notifications bar. Add your favorite apps in your Today view and get its entire day and enjoy too.

in iPadOS 13, There all new way to stick Widget Screen all time for iPad Home screen. to do that watch the bottom video. I hope, you will understand how to add widgets to iPad home screen?

Some Q&A on iOS and iPad Widgets

Q: How do I add widgets to control center?

yes, you can also add widgets on your Control panel – Using given link source you can customize control center.

Q: How do I put widgets on my lock screen?

A: You can put widgets on your iPhone lock screen,
open the Settings App – Tap Touch ID & passcode or Face ID & Passcode – Enter a passcode or scan Face ID if asked – Turn Today view toggle turn On/ Green.

That’s it!

Now lock your Phone screen and swipe right to the left side, hope you can see today widget your lock screen.

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