Useful shortcuts for Mac : Lion, mavericks, Yosemite

Shortcuts for Mac are very useful for all Mac beginners and professionals also. Some of the Mac shortcut is basic but very valuable. If you have good knowledge of Mac OS X shortcuts that you can do more task in short of time. It hence is that, Apple giving widely shortcuts on recent Mac OS or upcoming OS X also. When most of the people can’t literate with shortcut, in result you can’t acquire actual power of Mac OS system. So don’t miss out this tutorial on best useful shortcut your Mac for all time. If you have alternate options for same shortcut, then comment in below.useful Shortcuts for Mac-Top Best

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Useful Shortcuts for Mac OS X: Lion, mavericks, Yosemite

  1. Open Finder in Mac OS X: From Launchpad
  2. Record Mac OS X Yosemite Screen

1. Finder for Mac shortcut: Lion, Yosemite, mavericks

Launchpad always available on home screen of Mac, so you can use launchpad as shortcut icon. Here is on How to open finder on Mac OS X from Launchpad.

Steps to Launch finder app on Mac

  1. Go on your Mac home screen, Tap on Command + Shift + G.
  2. Now “Go To folder”, and paste the below command,


  1. Inside CoreServices, you can see “Finder” given in below screen.

    Finder for Mac OS X - Useful Shortcuts for Mac

    Finder for Mac OS X – Useful Shortcuts for Mac

  2. You can drag Finder on LaunchPad as a shortcut icon for future use.

Are you getting stuck to find finder on your Mac OS X, than comment with title of your problem.

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2. Screen recording shortcut for Mac: Yosemite

If you want some portion on movie save in your Mac as a clip then you can do with Quick time.

Under the File menu, Tap on New movie recording or useful shortcut key: Option + Cmd + N.

For only audio recording Go with: Control + Option + Cmd + N

For only Screen Recording Go with: Control + Cmd + N