Best Verizon Valentine’s Day 2024 Deals: Get $100 Off on iPhone

We have collected the Best Verizon deals on Special Days and Holidays. Likely, Verizon promotions, upgrade phone, Verizon free phone deals, Laptop and more.

The ideal time for buying any smartphone or tablet is during the Verizon Holiday Sales. If you place your order during the Holiday Sale, you can get huge discounts on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other accessories and even get it for free. So if the budget was the primary constraint that was stopping you from getting yourself the smartphone of your dreams, then you should make most of the Best Verizon Deals On Holidays and fulfill your goals at your budget price.

Verizon offers many deals like trade-in offers, 50 percent discount deals, and other amazing discounts that will make your holidays a happy and special one. So let’s take a look at these deals in detail.

1: Verizon Deals on Smartphones


Verizon offers some exceptional offers on the purchase of smartphones. Currently, two significant offers on smartphones are going on- upgrade deals and adding new line deals. 

  • Upgrade deal- When a customer buys any of the listed smartphones using the upgrade deal, they can save up to $700 when upgrading on a select Premium Unlimited plan that gives you access to unlimited and superfast internet for your devices. Verizon even allows the trade-in of damaged products once it qualifies the trade-in criteria. To get the maximum discount make sure to select the Unlimited plan and buy the smartphone of your dreams with unlimited internet access and great discounts.
  • Adding new line deals– Adding new line deals allows the customers to get any of the entry-level Android smartphones for as low as $0 per month. For example, the special offer on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE makes you eligible to get this smartphone for $0 per month with a new line and any Unlimited plan and an added saving of up to $1000 that will help waver off the price of your phone. Apart from entry-level smartphones, the customers can also purchase selected mid-tier 5G smartphones for as low as $0 per month with a new line and selecting a Premium Unlimited plan.

So, without any further ado, head over to Verizon and get your dream smartphone at huge discounts with unlimited access to calls, text, and superfast internet.

  1. Deals on New SmartPhones

If you are not an existing Verizon user and are planning to switch to the Verizon network, you should look at Verizon’s fantastic offers to its new users. This offer is only valid for new Verizon customers, and it entitles you to get any of the selected smartphones for free, and all you need to pay for is the monthly network bill of Verizon. The monthly bill would be around $80/month with unlimited text, call, and data, and you don’t have to invest a single dime for the smartphone. 

You can even get an extra discount of $1000 that will eventually help you in paying off the phone. Now you can get the iPhone 11 and the 12 mini for free phones by switching to the Verizon network. So switch to Verizon now by visiting their site to get a free smartphone and exceptional network coverage. 

  1. Deals on Old SmartPhones

If you are tight on budget and some of the unlimited plans are a bit expensive for you, then you can opt for unlimited plans that start from $7.74 per month. With these plans, you can buy any of the selected old or pre-owned smartphones like the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, etc., for an impressive 50 percent discount. You need to subscribe to the plans for a tenure of 30 months with 0 percent APR to be eligible to get 50 percent off on the old smartphones.

This is an incredible deal offered by Verizon. You can easily benefit from this as it will solve both the problems of getting a good network connection and upgrading your smartphone. Therefore, go to the Verizon website now and place your orders as soon as possible.

2: Trade-in program Deals

One of the most intriguing and special deals of Verizon is the Trade-in program. With the help of the Trade-in program, you can give away your smartphone and get a discount of $500 as a gift card which you can redeem on your future purchases from Verizon. In addition, the users are also eligible to get any of the selected mobile phones for free if they add a new line in addition to the $500 gift card.

The trade-in program is a fantastic offer as you can save a lot of money by trading your old phone in and getting a new device along with the lightning-fast internet speed and unlimited hours of talk time. Hence, head over to the Verizon website and select the trade-in program to save an additional 500 dollars.

3: Gears and Accessories Deals


The best place to buy the add-ons or accessories for your smartphones is the Verizon website, as it offers incredible discounts and deals on purchasing supplements. The customers can get huge discounts of up to 40 percent off on the purchase of more than five regular-priced accessories so that you can buy more while saving even more. In addition, there are a lot of eco-friendly add-ons and products on the Verizon store that help save the planet, and Verizon gives an exceptional discount of 50 percent on these sustainable Verizon cases.

With the New year holiday deals, Verizon customers are entitled to get a discount of 25 percent on purchasing some of the most demanding items like gears for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE so that you can start this year with savings. Once the orders are placed, the add-ons will be delivered to your doorstep within two days without any extra delivery charge. You can also pick up the desired product from the store on the same day for added convenience.

To place your order go to the Verizon site and select the gear that you find helpful and durable to save a lot of money.

4: Best Deals on Tablets


With Verizon, you can save an enormous amount of money on tablets and iPads. When you place an order on Verizon for any of the listed tablets or iPads like the Apple iPad 9th gen, Samsung galaxy tab S7 FE 5G, or any other device, you can save $100 on the retail price of each product. All you need to do is subscribe to the monthly plan while placing your orders which start from as low as $3.33 per month for a tenure of 30 months with 0 percent APR.

With this fantastic deal, you can save a lot of money in the long run and buy the tablet or iPad that you always wanted at an affordable monthly payment. Therefore, don’t waste time thinking about whether to buy your new tablet and place your order now at the Verizon website.

5: Laptop Deals at Verizon


The customers can purchase any of the listed laptops at super low easy monthly installments starting from $11.66 per month without any extra or hidden interest rate by adding a new line. This offer allows the customers with a limited budget to own the laptop they desire by paying the installments for a tenure of 30 months with 0 percent APR. In addition, the laptops from almost all of the top brands are available on the Verizon store, so you don’t have to fret about not finding the product that you are looking for.

Hence, if you have decided on which laptop to buy, visit the Verizon store and subscribe to add a new line to get amazing discounts on the laptops.

In this holiday season, buy more and save more by placing your orders using any of the above-listed deals or offers and owning any of the devices like smartphones, laptops, accessories, and tablets from Verizon. Hence, decide upon the offer that gives you the most discount and place your orders as soon as possible to make Holidays extra special.

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