What are the features of Dual camera and How it works: iPhone 7 Plus

Dual lances iPhone 7 camera features and working guide

For the Camera addict people, the dual camera is totally new in Apple fans. Earlier Android users’ familiar with the dual camera on Honor, Huawei smartphones. Now it’s time to experience on new upcoming iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. On those mobiles, the dual camera works to own its functionality that might be seen in iPhone 7. Let’s see some technical details and key Features of the Dual camera in details.

Corephotonics, Explained in a technical manner on how dual camera will work with iPhone 7 Plus. The dual camera proves an elegant experience with Energy efficient, faster A10 processors, Big HD clear retina screen. In result we will get clearer the photo on optimum zoom level.

Working Features of the Dual camera on iPhone 7 Plus

Dual lances iPhone 7 camera features and working guide

Back body view now changed at the top due to two camera lances horizontally side by side. Separate camera lances result in a clear difference between two, see image below.

Two cameras also help to click sharp photo against waterproofing. Also, iPhone 7 Plus rumors claim about no headphone jack.

Past released android mobile showcase the use of the second camera.

Theverge said the second camera is works like the traditional camera, Means it takes the photo in Full HD color picture and The rest one only showing black and White scenes.

What is the working situation said about this dual camera

Both camera capture photo simultaneously one by one, for less processing time, and the result is a beautiful photo with richer details, and Monochrome image.

Different between single camera and Features of Dual camera results

Small sensors behind each camera lenses can easily mange itself. That’s not possible with an only single camera.

Video Tutorial,

Before apple’s final decision on what technology apple choose, another competitor on dual lances technology is LinX. For the noise reduction, the Great quality image also captures through this one.

Well, Hope apple will endowment truly sensational Features of the Dual camera in new iPhone 7 Plus. Share your conjecture and scrutiny on comment box.

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