What does it mean when iOS app says cleaning? iOS 17.3.1

in this post, I’ll explain to you why iPhone & iPad App Names Say “Cleaning…” and What to Do About It. Let’s Read carefully.

Sometimes you may appear a message under the Facebook app icon or other iOS apps (iWork, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest) that say ‘’cleaning’’. So radially, having a question what does it mean when the iOS app says cleaning? Therefore before started the topic I’m telling you please don’t worry about it. Here we’ll discuss cleaning words under the iOS application icon.

Complete guide on what does it mean when the iOS app says cleaning?

This type of case almost happens with less storage iPhone and iPad users, meaning 16GB and 32GB iOS devices. Since the iPhone app icon will appear may be dimmed color with under cleaning word.  what does it mean when iOS app says cleaning? iPhone, ipad

When Cleaning word is appearing on iOS gadgets?

Typically, the cleaning word appears when your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is clearing the app’s cache. It’s nothing but a temporary storage area of app directories (documents & data) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. For that, you don’t need to do anything; just a little wait for the word to go away, which means the process is complete the icon will return to normal. No data is lost during cache cleaning.

Now in the latest iOS devices, the cache cleaning process occurs automatically. It does when your iOS device has less than 1 GB of available storage. You can check available storage space on your iOS device from this post.

Automatically cache cleaning process is a storage management feature. It’s designed to optimize the performance of your iOS device when space is limited. The cache for infrequently used documents is cleared first.

Now, if you want to know that, which apps are targeted for cleanup first?

Then there is no specific clue as to how that works. But it does cache clean for that app which contains lots of data being ‘’cleaned’’ before other apps.

Hopefully, you understand in actuality what does it mean when the iOS app says cleaning?

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