What is “Other” on iPhone iOS 17.3.1/14? Know How to Remove Other data

Apple device’s storage divided into different stacks that we can analyze using iTunes. It shows how much gigabytes of data stored inexact number. So users can easily justify where my device use mostly and take preventive action or alternate options (Use the cloud, External storage device). Apart from the Other Data, storage chart also show audio, photos, Apps, Books, Documents, and Data in Gigabytes and the last one is free space.

To optimize space used in Documents and Data, please go to my past article on Delete Documents and Data new tricks for you. Now I am going to see delete other data. Useful for iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X,8,7,6S,SE,6 Plus.

What is other data on the iPhone, iPad?

What is other on iPhone how to remove it

Other data means data garbage that can’t reuse but it will generate automatically from Mail app, Browsing Data (Cookie or Cache), Text, Calendar, iBooks, and many other apps.

In a result, you will get much space from that, because of this data always in GBs. 16 GB device user much expecting to use that space.

To optimize other data you need to spend more time and effort (Manual operation) that get by deleting photos or video/ Apps on an iOS device.

But I have two alternate solutions on clear other data given Below,

  1. Manually clean apps and data
  2. Backup and restore new iOS

Way 1: Manually clean apps and data

After performing this way, still, you can see other data in iTunes. Because different user uses multiple apps that may create their own way. But most experts recommended this,

Clear safari history, Bookmarks, Cache and cookie

Clear Safari history and Data on iPhone

Go to the Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website data

Remove Mail Account, Setup again

in iOS 14 and later

Open the Settings App > Find and tap Mail > Click on Accounts > Choose an Email from the list if you have signed-in more than one > in the last tap Delete and follow the on-screen instructions to exit the process.

Add New or Old account, Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account

Delete Messages

Delete messages in message app also other

Open Message app > Slide left Message > Delete. To Delete multiple messages, Tap on Edit > Select multiple radio box > Delete

Delete voice memos

Delete Voice mail on iPhone

Open Voice Memos app, See the recorded voice memo on screen, Tap on Edit from the top right corner, then tap on the red radio button to delete it.

Restart the device to check effective changes in other data in the iTunes device summary.

Way 2: Auto: Backup & Restore

Take a full backup of your iOS device, Connect iPhone, or iPad via lightning cable on Mac/ PC installed iTunes. See iPhone in iTunes, Go to Summary option.

Tap on “Backup now

Backup and restore using iTunes for remove other data on iPhone

Erase all Content and Settings on iPhone or iPad,

Open settings app on iPhone or iPad > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Reset full settings and Data on iPhone iPad

Reconnect to iTunes

Click on Restore Backup under the summary page.

This process copy all data back with a new iOS install. So no chance to “Other” data remains on the iOS device.

Hope you learn What is other on iPhone or iPad? fixed and got maximum free space from “other” data.

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