macOS 13 Ventura: What is the Next macOS after Monterey? Let’s See

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Get all about What will macOS 13 be called? macOS Monterey is a great OS update that brings a slew of new features to the Mac platform. Some of the highlights include the Universal Control, which lets mouse, trackpads, and keyboards be used across several devices simultaneously, as well as SharePlay capabilities, improved synchronization with iOS devices, and more. 

Although the newest one got an upgrade launch in October 2021, Apple most likely will work on the next macOS version. The same is slated for release this year.

Apple ventured from Intel CPUs in the year 2020 and geared to Apple Silicon chips. These chips are revolutionizing what Macs can do, especially when gaming. While the macOS Monterey feature primarily stresses on easy productivity and effective communication improvements, the macOS 13 will probably be a massive update. Upgrades surpassing the macOS 11 Big Sur, signaling Apple’s new motive.  

What will macOS 13 be called? New name of macOS in 2022 Called macOS Ventura

Apple will most probably keep naming every macOS version and the version number too. Considering that, the new version will be macOS 13.

While it’s impossible to say, macOS Ventura appears to be the most likely name for the next major macOS upgrade. Apple gave a Ventura trademark with additional potential macOS titles in the year 2013 on March. However, unlike the rest, Apple regularly renewed the trademark. 

In reality, the most recent extension was granted on November 11, 2021, indicating that Apple still intends to utilize the term in a future version of macOS. The trademark remains active and lists in the “efficient computer OS “products category.

Ventura may appear to be a strange name considering Apple’s recent trend of naming its desktop operating system after a US city. As such, the continuing macOS may carry the moniker. It indicates that the release will be a big time. 

It might be a ‘Ventura’ macOS upgrade to get the most out of Apple’s latest silicon components. However, while Ventura can refer to a large animal, the name can also conjure images of an extinct operating system.

Of course, Apple may name the upgrade something else entirely — the update isn’t expected until mid-2022, so there’s plenty of time for things to change – but for now, macOS Ventura appears to be the most likely option.

Possible release date

In recent years, Apple’s releases have been almost immaculate. A high probability looms about macOS 13 to get announced with the iOS 16, the iPadOS 16, and also the rest products at the WWDC 2022. 

Apple has yet to disclose whether it will be another remote keynote or a return to an in-person event. Apple usually give announcements of its release dates of any brand new macOS update with the new Macs. As such, the present-day relase date may fall in October, like the earlier two years.

Product Compatibility

While the macOS product isn’t much similar to the iOS in terms of supporting earlier version devices, Apple do efforts to create new versions of macOS available for many Macs.

There is a rumor that the macOS Ventura is constructed to take advantage of the magnum power of Apple silicon chips and that its entirely possible that the Intel-based Macs products will not be compatible with the new features.  

Before the earlier Macs blended with Apple Silicon released in the year 2020, Apple finished off most of the work that’s needed to convert the macOS to new M1 processors. The chip development of Apple, in contrast, will still be available. Developers will adapt and integrate the OS for the upcoming version of processors too. 

There exists no reason for us to believe that the macOS will not be compataible with Macs. It is especially because the 2014 Mac mini product marketed until the year 2018 and the new Mac Pro from 2013- 2019. 

Keeping that in mind, Apple will never remove the Macs products from list as they emerged only few years back. Even if the Macs get support, users should assume that few features of the same will be unavailable, like the case with the macOS Monterey.

macOS 13 Ventura Rumours

While the anticipated release of macOS Ventura is still some time away, the rumor mill is already hard at work to provide a picture of what to expect.

Performance Enhancements

Performance enhancements are a major focus of macOS Ventura. MacOS 13 focuses on making the most of the present and the upcoming Apple Silicon chips. There are speculations of a new desktop processor (consisting of 32 CPU cores power and 128 GPU cores power) to release in late 2022. So naturally, with such high specifications, the Mac will need an operating system capable of handling all of that processing power.

While there aren’t any particular examples of the kind of performance-focused enhancements we might see in the huge update, we can expect it to be the last major upgrade for macOS in recent years. Big Sur provided the visual revamp, Monterey provided a tight connection with other devices, and Ventura will hopefully bring performance.

Interface and Design

Because the aesthetic of macOS Big Sur was so distinct from earlier versions, it’s no surprise that several visual differences in the macOS Monterey were minor. As such, we don’t believe of any new user interface design modifications in 2022.

We believe Apple will avoid making a significant change to the interface when it attempts to being about a significant change to the design of Safari in macOS Monterey. A backlash forced Apple to restore the old version as the default and make the new one only an option. 

As such, there are no expectations of any major modifications to additional applications aimed at altering the normal operation. Still, there may be additional possibilities for other Apple programs to customize the interface to your preferences.

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