What to do When iPhone X Doesn’t Turn On and Dark Screen [Troubleshooting Guide]

1 iPhone X won't turn on and Black screen fixed

This is the robust situation in that iPhone X uses are confusing and worried about the solution. Too many questions run in mind at once. Sometimes iPhone owners blame to his/her friends, Facility members about when they do or What happed in the last minutes when it goes black screen. Also, You have an equation about any hardware damage from drop from hand, Heavy known or Water damage issues. Keep a deep breath; nothing happens with your iPhone because this is the most common problem with all the smartphones, Not only with your iPhone X; Other OS Models also get the issues sometimes.

Right now I am sharing an interesting story that happens to me,

Jony Denver (internet friend): He was asking me in the personal mail and worried about your iPhone X won’t wake up the screen for the last Two days. I suggest below tricks that work for him, So, I am very excited to share with your friends hope you will get fix your problem with the iPhone X black screen and don’t respond.

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Troubleshooting tips: What we should or Check on iPhone X Won’t Turn on or Black screen, Blue screen

1 iPhone X won't turn on and Black screen fixed

1. Charging Rules: Quickly Charge your iPhone X in Correct way

Not enough Charging or charging suddenly drop on floor behalf of any reasons, like watch video, Listen to music over full night. Do video call or Videography.

  • Use Official Charging Cable and Adapter
  • Try on Other Charging Sockets
  • Try another Charging Cable (You can use iPad’s Lightning cable and Adapter, not for all time but in this case only. Because this adapter supply high voltage compared to your iPhone’s charger)
  • Correct Status and Know iPhone X is charging, passing power your iPhone’s Battery.

[Important] While you connect 8 Pin connector your iPhone only Show Battery, Not Battery with Lightning cable. Otherwise, it’s not charging and Wasting your Time.

Keep your eye on your iPhone for a few minutes only. Sometimes loose socket or incompatible designed socket disconnect power source in just a few seconds after you leave your hands from the adapter.

2. Hard Reset your iPhone X

You don’t remove or erase data from your iPhone. You just need to perform forcefully restart the device.

Quickly press and release volume up button. Next, Quickly Press and release Volume down button. Now, only press and hold side button of iPhone X until you see the apple logo on the screen.

3. iOS Bug and Software Glitches

  1. Repair using iTunes in recovery mode. You need to connect your iPhone X to the latest version of iTunes on Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Your iPhone will show in iTunes after successfully recognized or synced. (You must unlock your iPhone X screen or Unlock FaceID). Now, Go with the Options Backup and Restore option on iTunes windows.

You iTunes can’t say or ask for restoring the device, Follow the below steps,

  • Force restart your iPhone, Press and Quickly release Volume up button then Press and Quickly release volume down button. Now, only press and hold on side button until you see the apple logo on screen, still wait until iTunes says Restore or Update option automatically. (This is recovery mode, Now you release side button).

Note: try and Repeat above steps, if Your iPhone X does not get into recovery mode.

  • Select the appropriate option that auto-fixes iOS bugs and Make your iPhone error free for next time use.
  • iTunes will attempt to update iOS with the case of saved data on your iPhone X. Just sit back because iTunes will download latest iOS version on Mac computer (.ipsw) file and install automatically on your iPhone.

You can disconnect your iPhone X from iTunes once you get the welcome screen on your iPhone X.

4. Hardware issues: Get Free help and Service from Apple Desk

The loose connection inside your iPhone X’s Hardware port can only re-fix by Technical assistance. Get free help from Apple, Let’s talk to apple Desk via online chat and Book an appointment nearby Apple Store.

That’s it. Why you are not sharing your problem with us, Submit your problem here and get free support.

Share this guide with your friends or anyone who’s looking for the solution of iPhone X won’t turn on or Black screen or Blue screen. Subscribe to us or Like my other social page to get more updates: Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, YouTube

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