What’s New in iOS 17.1.1/14/ iPadOS 14: Supported Devices, Release Date

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelEven in times like this, Apple is expected to introduce iOS 14 in upcoming days or you might be reading this article, after the release of iOS 14, no matter what, we’ll continue to update the article with the latest updates. Just like any other iOS and iPadOS, the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is likely to available in September 2020, till then you can participate in Public Betas if available. Earlier we’ve heard a lot of rumored features aspiring the default applications like Messages App, Health & Fitness App, and more.

Apart from that, iOS 14 is full of hidden features and suspense, that is not quite in discussion yet but hoping for the best. Believe me, there are a plethora of improvements, and bug fixes we are expecting with the iOS 14.

Best iOS 14 Features, Supported Devices List, Release Dates

Should I Update iOS 14?

Yes, definitely, if your iOS device is compatible with iOS 14, updating it to the latest iOS 14 would be a wise choice. Further, we have mentioned the list of features, that won’t keep you apart from the latest features, and I bet you would be downloading the iOS 14 the very next second of release.

Plus, stay tuned with this article, we will update every minute, to keep the article updated and before updating the iPhone and iPad, check the list of iOS 14/iPadOS 14 compatible devices, which we have included below.

iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Release Date:

Developer Beta is Available After just announcement of new iOS & iPadOS version after Keynote end. So the Expected Data of iOS 14/iPadOS 14 Developer Bata Release Date is :

22 Jun 2020

iOS 14 Expected Features:

iOS 14 Expected Features:Status
Organize Your iPhone Home ScreenConfirmed
New WidgetsConfirmed
Hide Pages From Home ScreenConfirmed
Smart Tag in iOS 14Confirmed
TV App in iOS 14Confirmed
Translate App in iOS 14Confirmed
Messages AppConfirmed
Maps appConfirmed
Car key in iOS 14Confirmed
Guided WorkoutsConfirmed
Better MapsConfirmed

Organize Your iPhone Home Screen with App Library

New App Library Feature is the biggest change in iOS 14 Because this feature will change the user’s Experience at the top level. Beautifully organize all the app is the Primary app category automatically also Hide pages from the home screen and Find the Recently Download and Installed Apps on your iPhone/iPad on the last page.

New Redesigned Widget in different sizes makes you updated like Weather, Calendar Events, News Headlines, and More from the Home screen. Great Look and Most advanced users satisfaction with this level of update from iOS 13.

  1. App Library
  2. Hide page
  3. New Widget
  4. Move Widget to Home screen

2). Smart Tag:- Auto Search and Download App from App Store

Visit Local Store, Scan the Object, or Scan QR Code to find the App for the Business. No Question ask to the Suppliers, Customer can download the app directly from the App Store just like Apple Pay. App in Purchase can directly purchase from Apple Pay after authenticating with the Face ID or Touch ID.

  • Smart Tag

3) TV App in iOS 14

Redesigned TV app in iOS 14 allows you to watch Video or Moview Show in Full Screen, Picture in Picture mode, or in Hidden mode to Access full-screen content while you working on your iPhone without Mute the Audio.

That’s Great. Also, Find some Pinch Zoom in and Pinch Zoom Out Gesture to Resize the Apple TV Video frame.

  • Pinch to Zoom on Picture on TV App
  • Hide, Shortcut cut for Apple TV on iPhone

4). Siri

Now, Siri is advanced and Does anything that you want like Translate and Search Anytime on any screen without Hiding content from the device screen. Siri is Re-designed for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now in Beautiful look and No screen cover.

  • Traslalter with Siri : Translate App

5). Translate App

Apple Translate App is more powerful to compere the Existing Translator app. Also, This app also works like Google Translate Offline mode, That care the Privacy of User talk while they are translating with Apple Translate app. Great user interface and easy to understand while we translate or Discuss between two different language people in Landscape mode – Side by Side mode.

  • Offline
  • On Device machine learning
  • Side by Side

6). Messages App in iOS 14: Design, Group Message Features

Message app is not more beautiful and the Same features are available on Newer MacOS Big Sur in 2020, iOS 14 Messages app has Highlight features on whole app, We can pin favorite Conversation by a swipe to right and Tap on a pin. Newer Emoji stickers based on Hobby, Personality, and Profession.  Next in the Group conversation, we can give a clear reply with inline replies features with mentions. So other members can easily understand. Also, Find the Recent and Active Members in Group from top of the Conversation.

  • Conversations
  • Memoji
  • Pin most important Conversation
  • Memoji:
  • Group: Inline Replies
  • Mentions in Group

7). Maps app in iOS 14

Finding a Great place is now easier, From the Favorite section, we can find the places with the offline guide info. Before the move to that place know about place in offline mode. Also, Check the Beauty route and Go with the alternate route. EV routing is a Great feature in Maps iOS 14/iPadOS 14. In your Rout Find EV Charging Station that is compatible with your Car Charger. Also, Find the Air Quality and Level the Environment and Health of your Family and Friends.

  • Finding Great Places, New Places
  • Guides, Save Guide for Offline
  • Find Traffic, Elevation
  • EV Routing: Track Current Charge, Find Compatible Station as your own charger
  • Air Quality, Alternate Driving Option.

8). CarPlay

Great Update, New Wallpaper, Built-in App that you never boar while driving. Smart functionality manages your Car system.

9). Car key in iOS 14

Car Keys is Most Advanced Feature for lock and unlock the car using your iPhone. Don’t touch the Car key and Start your car securely. Car Key Generate Security key, Using that we can pay to Car Owner directly using Apple pay via iMessage.

  • App Store
  • Download App using the App Clips
  • App Clip code

10). Guided Workouts

For the past two-three years, Apple is targeting the Workout and Health applications. It has been rumored that Apple might add its own workouts namely Guided Workouts with iOS 14, that teaches one the workout tips, and shows progress.

11). Multiple Timers

The Timer app can be of use in many ways, like challenging yourself to cover the jogging track in a predefined time, baking cookies, what if you want to use the multiple timers, at once? In that case, the default Timer App fails.

12). Better Maps

Thankfully, Apple is gradually improving the Maps, adding new streets, areas, for the ease, however, we are still looking forward to more international Maps. Other than that, the Maps app should show the highly busy roads, so you don’t have to stick in heavy traffic while going to attend meetings at the office, without leveraging anyone’s location.

14). Auto Translation in Safari

When it comes to Browsing App, Google Chrome is one of the best, Safari still lacks many handy features, and Auto Translation tops the list. My gut says, iOS 14 will come up with the ability of Auto Translation in Safari App, so whenever you found a foreign website helpful, language won’t be a trouble.

1). Guest Mode

Guest Mode is what we always wanted on our iPhone. Even at times, we want to hand over the iPhone to an unknown person for making urgent calls, or I don’t know about you, but I hesitate to give my iPhone to my siblings, in that case, the Guest Mode is much of use.

It hides all of the personal information, and only gives access to certain primary features and applications.

2). FaceTime Call Recording

While we have native screen recording on the iPhone, now it’s a high time Apple must add FaceTime Call Recording to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. FaceTime Group Call was the best add-on of iOS 13, however, it is available on iOS 12.1.4 or later updates too. If you are stuck anywhere, then FaceTime connects you with anyone, but it’s nice if you can have an ability to record the FaceTime Group Calls to keep it memorable, and also share with beloved ones.

3). Camera Album Security

After unlocking the iPhone, anyone can access anything that is stored on your iPhone, whether it is WhatsApp, Camera, Photos, Videos, etc. Don’t you think, Photo Albums must have an additional layer of security that you want to keep private from others, so the random person can’t intrude on your privacy. Looking forward to this.

4). VIP Across the Apps

Your Mail App has an option to make your own VIP Lists of the persons from whom you don’t want to miss any emails, they directly appear into a distinctive section, where all the messages from the VIPs lists, with this you can only focus on what’s important. As of now, the VIP feature is only available in Mail App, what about if it is common for the Messages App, Contacts, and other default applications too? Why one wants to miss messages or phone calls of important people? This is how VIP helps, I hope Apple includes it as well.

7). Podcast Recommendations

Just like YouTube, how beautiful is when the Podcast Apps starts showing recommendations of your interest, instead of displaying only the Podcast playlist of the same person. It would benefit many users exploring the area of interests, listen to new experiences not stick with the same person.

8). Apple TV Continuity

It’s still a fantasy of many users that while watching shows on Apple TV, for any reason we have to skip the bed, but also want to continue with the show, how great it will be that the Apple TV Continuity feature lets you resume the show into the iOS device? This is what Apple TV Continuity can do.

9). Multi-Window Apps

Do you ever face a situation where while watching YouTube video, your mind is a stroke with something important that needs to be NOTED? It happens with me all the time. Still, it is not possible on the iPhone, iPad without quitting the current app, we can’t open any other app. I wish, iOS 14 includes this.

11). Move Home App Controls to iPhone

Using Smart Home Appliances makes our home smart, however, it’s bit tedious to manage different applications for different home appliances, isn’t it? How wonderful it will be when a single app can control all the smart home appliances? Home App could be the right choice for Apple to include all the controls in a single app, let’s see what Apple thinks.

13). Mark as Unread and Retract Messages in Messages App

We are also curious about the Messages App updates, will Messages App feature Mentions? It’s not clear yet, but it can come with the iOS 14. Plus, the Mark as Unread Messages is discussed in multiple websites, so iOS 14 will definitely have this feature. Another limelight for the Messages app is the ability to unsend the Messages, Apple calls it as a Retracting the Messages in iMessage App.

iOS 14 Compatible iPhone, iPod Touch List

iOS 14 Supported iPhone, iPod Touch
iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7Plus
iPhone 6SPlus
iPhone 6S
iPhone SE (2016)
iPod Touch 7th Generation

iOS 14 Compatible iPad List

iOS 14 Supported iPad
iPad Pro 12.9-inch
iPad Pro 11-inch
iPad Pro 10.5-inch
iPad Pro 9.7-inch
iPad 7th Generation
iPad 6th Generation
iPad 5th Generation
iPad mini 5th Generation

How to Get iOS 14

We are Greetings you to invite our First Beta Developer installation on your Secondary iPhone, iPad. Till then Bookmark this page, Find the information on How to install Beta Developer when Official Release by apple. Stay Touch with us on our Social page and Youtube channel. So to get Software Update, You need to install Developer Beta Profile first on your iPhone from Your Developer account after sign in with Safari browser, if you don’t have a Developer account then your can download from here, and install on your Device, Once Profile is installed, You will get iOS 14 Update on Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install iOS 14 Developer Beta. That’s much easy.

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