Whatsapp Live Location: Everything You Need to Know About

The live location feature of Whatsapp allows users to send their live location to other users in private chats and also to a group of people in group chats. With privacy issues revolving around Whatsapp and how the app uses the users’ private information, it is necessary to know what goes behind the data collection process of Live location and how it actually works. 

The users can choose whether or not they want to share their location with others and decide the time for which the live location will be active. When the user turns on his live location, a thumbnail of their profile can be seen on the map, and the recipients can see their live location in real-time by tapping on the thumbnail. Only those people can see the thumbnail with whom the user shares the location, and all the data related to the live location is end-to-end encrypted, similar to user messages. In simple words, nobody else can see your live location, including WhatsApp.

Get About Whatsapp Live Location

How to enable live location sharing on Whatsapp?

If you want to share your live location in a one-to-one or group chat, you will have to click on the attach button and select “Share Live Location” to enable the feature. Once the live location is shared, you can choose the duration for which it will be available. You have three options for the duration for which the live location will be active, i.e., 15 mins, 1 hour, and 8 hours. The live location update will stop once the chosen time limit runs out. You can also stop sharing at any point by tapping on the “Stop Sharing” option twice. 

How often does WhatsApp live location update?

Once you have shared your live location with others on WhatsApp, the area keeps on updating in real-time, even if you aren’t active on WhatsApp. So the users with whom you have shared your live location can constantly track your movements even when you aren’t online on Whatsapp. You need to have an active internet connection to update the live location in real-time. A timestamp shows the time the live location was last updated. 

Is WhatsApp’s live location accurate?

The Whatsapp live location makes use of maps to determine your location. And since maps are still at the essential stage in India and are entirely inaccurate, you may find it difficult to track people who have shared their location with you or vice versa. Moreover, many areas in the country are still dark areas in maps because of which it becomes difficult for WhatsApp to give out the exact correct location at all times. While the main metropolitan cities may give out the correct location at maximum times, it won’t be fair to expect the same in rural areas. 

How long does WhatsApp live location last?

You have the option of choosing the duration for which you want your live location to be updated. You have three options which are 15 mins, 1 hour, and 8 hours. Once the time limit you chose runs out, the live location update will automatically stop. You can also stop the live location by tapping on the “Stop Sharing” option twice.

How to refresh WhatsApp live location?

Well, there isn’t a way to refresh your live location on Whatsapp. However, once you have shared your live location with your contacts on Whatsapp and set the duration for which you want it to be active, Maps will automatically keep refreshing your location. All you need is an active internet connection on the device you have shared your live location. Also, if your area is already registered in Maps, it will automatically get refreshed. 

Can you fake your live location on WhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible to fake your live location on WhatsApp. However, it isn’t a very easy process that requires you to download some extra apps and plugins. However, if you are using an Android smartphone, you can download readily available fake location apps which enable you to send fake live locations on Whatsapp. In addition, there is a dedicated tool called Dr. Fone – Virtual Location, which can be used by both iOS and Android users. This user-friendly app allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world with one single tap. 

Does WhatsApp live location drain battery?

According to Whatsapp, the live location feature of the application doesn’t affect your battery life in any way. You don’t need to keep your Whatsapp open for other users to access your live location. The Whatsapp users with whom you have shared your live location can keep track of you even if the Whatsapp application is running in the background. So there shouldn’t be any huge drain in your device’s battery. 


Now that you know everything about Whatsapp’s live location and how to make use of it, you can easily send your real-time location with your parents and friends when required. Just make sure that the live location option is turned on on your iOS and Android devices. If not, you can go to settings, select Whatsapp, tap on a live location and select ‘Always.’ 

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