When AirTag 2, Airtag Pro, or AirTag Pro Lite release Date?

Last Updated on Apr 25, 2021

Apple’s first-generation airtag, a decent item tracker device is announced on 20 April and released on the 30th of April worldwide marketplace. it is one of the good competitors of well-known item tracker Tiles (an American consumer company). Also, Apple Airtag has a precision-finding feature.

Users reviews that Airtag is too fat for Wallet and tv remote. Also, Airtag first generation has not come with a hole. Hence, All buyers must have Airtag accessories like a key holder, the loop.

So Expected Apple’s second-generation Airtag models will be coming in the future. The brand will be keeping its name like AirTag Pro or AirTag Pro Lite, or Airtag Pro Lite Plus Economy model.

So Airtags 2 or AirTag Pro Lite will be a good fight among the available tile’s item tracker such as Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim, Tile Sticker, etc.

When AirTag Pro or AirTag Pro Lite release Date?

I guess Apple will put the next generation Airtag on next March Event 2022. Possible 6th of March 2022. The next Generation Price will be $49 USD, and the Airtag Pro price will be $69 USD. First Generation Airtags are Water-resistrance.

Airtag Battery Life and Bluetooth Range

Airtag 1st gen comes with a CR2032 coin cell battery which is replaceable. furthermore, airtags are seemingly a longer Bluetooth range. But next-generation Airtag 2 or Airtags Pro will come with more longer Bluetooth range possible 200 ft / 61m.

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